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Analysis/Requirements and Changelog for [Web Accessibility Training]

Latest [Draft] Web Accessibility Training
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Previous WAI resource: Planning Web Accessibility Training (changelog 2002)

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List of things to add/change to Topics resources when they are completed:


From WAI-AGE Project Deliverables:


A resource to help people prepare web accessibility presentations and training in both technical and business-oriented situations.


Audience and Messages

Primary audience

Secondary audience:

Topic audiences:


Proposed outline:

  1. Inviting overview/introduction that speaks to a broad audience, including
    • what's inside
    • how to use
  2. How to prepare presentations and training, including
    • pre-preparation (incl consideration of the audience needs)
    • preparing the training (incl selecting topics to cover & logistics)
    • during the training (incl being aware of people who may be unable to see or hear the presentation)
    • after the training (as appropriate - follow-up, homework, resources)
    • NB - just consider things that are particular to Web Accessibility and/or PWD
  3. Collection of training topics/modules that can be mixed and matched. These topics are what someone would speak about as a presentation, or as a section of a larger training session; frameworks for building a presentation from. Based on previous material, plus some new topics:
  4. Hypothetical presentation scenarios/curricula/examples of training
    • Previous examples:
      1. General introduction - heterogeneous audience - twenty minutes
      2. Organization-wide implementation of Web accessibility - senior managers - ten minutes
      3. Accessible Web design - Web design students - two-hour class as part of semester
      4. Accessible Web design - Web designers - three-hour hands-on workshop
      5. Accessibility features of Web technologies - Web designers and application developers - ninety-minute workshop
      6. Accessible application design - product developers and quality-assurance testers - full-day training
    • Suggested examples:
      1. Web Accessibility for Management (adapt)
        • 10 minutes presentation
        • senior management
      2. Introducing Web Accessibility (adapt)
        • 20 minutes presentation
        • audience could be heterogeneous [non-technical/technical, managers/owners, users/advocates]
      3. Accessibility from a Users Perspective (new)
        • 1 hour presentation
        • non-technical users & advocates
        • includes adaptive strategies; what a good site should have; initial testing; contacting
      4. Accessibility for Web Design Students (adapt)
        • 2 hour lecture as part of web design course
        • college/university students
        • intro; components; WCAG; evaluation
        • adapt from current example
      5. Accessible Website Development (new)
        • 3 day hands-on workshop
        • website developers (no prior knowledge assumed)
        • intro; how PWD use; bus case; components PLUS hands-on WCAG 2.0 based around site components like semantics, forms, tables, CSS, etc; PLUS evaluation, and inroduction to ARIA and ATAG
    • Other possible Examples:
      1. Accessibility Introduction for Web Developers (3 hour hands-on workshop)
      2. Writing Accessible Web Content / Accessible copy writing (1 day interactive workshop) [new]
        • for website content writers & developers (no prior knowledge assumed) and for CMS users who don't know 'pointy brackets';
        • includes [intro; how PWD use; bus case]; appropriate interpreted WCAG 2.0 material (e.g. semantics, colour, contrast, multimedia, links, tables, etc etc); initial eval techniques
        • see also notes from Alan and Suzette to WAI-AGE about this Example as a Topic
      3. Purchasing an Accessible Website (1 hour presentation) [new]
        • for website managers/owners & purchasers/procurers;
        • includes intro, business case & authoring tools) [needs material we don't have]
      4. Web Accessibility for Usability Professionals (1-day hands-on) draft started by Shawn
        • for people with usability/user-centered design training and experience, who are new to accessibility
        • 1-day hands-on workshop titled, "Integrating Accessibility into Usability Practice"
        • provide participants with the knowledge and resources to successfully include participants with disabilities throughout user-centered design (UCD), especially in evaluation and usability testing
    • Some other ideas from EOWG 5/Feb/2010 and TF 10/Feb/2010 and EO 12/Feb/2010:
      • how to make successful accessible forms (including accessibility and selling stuff)
      • accessibility features of operating systems and browsers (for users; for developers)
      • advocacy aspects of what you do with authoring tools and browsers, and meeting ATAG/UAAG. (Include the topic of components for web accessibility)
      • website evaluation workshop (possibly develop when EO refreshes the Evaluation suite) - HIGH EO PRIORITY
      • accessible email
      • accessible social media
      • accessible video
      • intro to Scripting with WAI-ARIA
      • overlap with mobile web design
      • accessibility & older users
      • using assistive technology for web developer
      • web accessibility and accessibility advocacy

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