WAI-AGE task force

18 Nov 2009



Andrew, Suzette, Pierre, Alan, Jack, Helle
Shadi, Darren, Michael


Face to Face EOWG meeting update

aa: update from California
... topics at EOWG covered WAI-AGE issues to discuss
... involving users in web development - update and expand document, separating 'design' aspect from 'evaluation'
... this may progress through EO
... discussion on reporting inaccessible web site - aa has put up new draft for discussion today
... asked for comments from those who attended

jw: good discussion

sk: good meeting - lots of discussion on accessibility & usability document

hbj: good meeting - we achieved a lot!

hbj: working on Danish version of WCAG 2 - close to completion
... has heard that Swedish version is also progressing

How to Report an Inaccessible Website

aa: reporting inaccessible website - revised draft: one remaining issue is title of document - and need for translation and interpretation of word report

<andrew> title considerations

aa: proposals in http://www.w3.org/WAI/EO/changelogs/cl-responding.html#changelog
... query to those who english as 2nd language

pg: " rapport" is very close to report - but is a full document e.g. an evaluation of a system - an expert report

pg: suggests possibility of how to write my report as an expert

aa: confirms that is sounds more like a formal report

hbj: agrees from Danish perspective - would probably look for a different word, because as it is sounds like a formal report
... also has problems in Danish with negative term of in-accessible - prefers to work with positive version - would use a different sentence

pg: from French - could mean website that you could not access i.e. a url fault

pg: meaning is more that you are in difficulties

[can't hear alan too much background]

aa: not so much about translation but misunderstanding by non-native speakers

ac:not so much a problem of translation - can find another word

hbj: accessibility being used in broader sense not as synonym with disability issues

aa: may need a two part title - to avoid the main title being too long

hbj: asked about 'problems' or 'barriers' e.g. in german it is barrier frei
... barrier suggests a stopping point

aa: will discuss further with Shadi and Shawn

jw: discussion of translation issues really good - including meaning of accessibility. These older people of WAI AGE may not see themselves as part of accessibility/disability

hbj: made suggestion earlier - solving problems for people with special needs

aa: thanks for comments on title
... raised need for email subject line - important or may fail spam detectors, and to help direct email to right person
... offered different versions within the sample emails - slightly different approaches


<andrew> Template- Subject: Accessibility of ... (XYZ website)

<andrew> email #1 - Subject: Problem with Citylights' ticket page

<andrew> email #2 - Subject: Accessibility of Citylights' news page

<andrew> email #3 - Subject: Accessing Citylights' surveys

hbj: if starting with word accessibility have same problems as with title of document

jw: could use 'using'

aa: could use 'problem' or 'barrier'

hbj: your web site (.....)
... addressing the webmaster 'problem with .....

pg:'I have a problem with your website' - the sender is not an expert and is just reporting problem

aa: e.g. Problem with accessing your....
... possibility of saying 'feedback' - is neutral but may raise sufficient interest that recipient opens the email
... or could try complain but is negative

AC: feedback may be more difficult to translate - similar to problems with reporting
... equivalent website form probably headed 'complaint'

aa: asked about complain/complaining

AC: probably more real to talk about complaint

pg: complaint - offered well known french phrase:

pg: is complain too strong a word?

<andrew> pierre: informing about ....

Training Resource Suite

[andrew lost connectivity and phone for a few minutes]

aa: back on line
... shadi and andrew looking at 'landscape' of what training is now available. This has changed since this doc prepared when there was very little training
... need to look now at what training is available on line and whether it covers ageing issues
... will try and annotate what is available and whether covering WCAG 1 or 2, age vs disability etc. Will look for instance at WASP and OPERA and to find others as well
... just introducing that as a topic and what we might have come across. Difference now is that we are much more open to pointing to good/ reliable resources, on-line courses
... http://www.w3.org/WAI/EO/changelogs/cl-training: AA has started to fill in some of the details and will start requesting material, and what aspect of accessibility are being addressed
... any further comments to capture now -immediately??

jw: approach is a good one, very useful thing

aa: EOWG has now gone away from doing it all ourselves when there are good resources out there

hbj: are you looking at old pages?

aa: this provides the starting point, and can supplement the original WAI curricula

hbj: remembers that as pretty complicated
... one problem is language barriers. Need to look for content in other languages

aa: yes - good point, perhaps we will be able to collectively review them

hbj: suggests we make a note in the change log

aa: agreed to make a point of asking for resources in non-English languages
... apologies for dropping out earlier with Skype

Summary of Action Items

No actions recorded

[End of minutes]

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