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NOTE: This page is subject to considerable change to reflect tips that are "specifically for web accessibility presentations" - as a result it may be absorbed into the Overview. It may alternatively reflect some of the previous tips from experienced presenters. (15/Jan/2010)

[Draft] Tips for Web Accessibility Presentations and Training

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This page contains tips to assist you prepare and deliver web accessibility presentations and training. It includes considerations about the audience you will be presenting to, things to consider before and during the presentation, and follow-up suggestions for after the session.

Audience Background

This section is designed to assist you to understand your audience in advance of preparing your presentation or training session. What is the audience background? If you've been invited to speak, what are your host's objectives?

Preparation of Presentation and Training Sessions

If you are experienced with web accessibility and the use of the Web by people with disabilities or older people, then it is this experience that you are imparting in addition to the technical information that might be the topic of your presentation. The information below might help you with some of the thinking processes as well as a partial checklist for logistical organization.

During the Presentation or Training Session

This section contains some practical advice for the session itself, as well as linking to WAI's advice for presenters.

After the Presentation or Training Session

Are there opportunities to follow-up with your audience or host? What can you learn from the experience?

Tips from others

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