WAI-AGE Task Force - 13 Jan 2010



Andrew, Darren, Helle, Michael, Suzette, William
Alan, Jack, Shadi, Pierre



andrew: new year wishes and introductions
... about availability - will continue with fortnightly meetings


Andrew:Contacting Organizations About Inaccessible Websites recently published for comments
... EOWG also looking to create an area for 'user-related' documents e.g. user perspectives and about users for developers
... Better Web Browsing will also be published for comment shortly

Web Accessibility Training

Andrew: discussion first on overview doc
... first question relates to how to lead people into the topics in Section 2

Darren: prefers direct links to topics

Alan: prefers direct links to topics
... noticed an inconsistency of headings/links

Andrew: to review headings but wants them to be short
... previous reports of people missing the top right contents list

<Andrew> Preparation Tips

Suzette: mention accessibility needs of audience in audience background

Andrew: preparation of presentation/training

<achuter> About "Consider online or off-line" remember that content may have changed

<achuter> Website may have changed since last viewed [may upset the presentation if this is so]

Alan: problem of live online demo that web site has been updated

Suzette: any advice for presenters who are themselves using AT to present

Andrew: suggested some examples from experience - e.g. screen reader user can hear it, but it's not projected
... Also, not all delegates speak 'your' language (so speak slowly and clearly)

Helle: raised question about on-line presentations e.g. increasing popularity of webinars
... reported recent experiences - like listening to ebook, very one-way

Helle: need concern for relevance and amount of info on your slides
... can only look at slide - can't see the presenter
... asks about other people's experiences

darren: no experience

andrew: lack of experience but need to remain aware of this opportunity

Helle: event was running simultaneous IRC for comments/ questions
... is working on a ISO standard about this

William: questions/clarifications - where are you in any queue?

Andrew: requests any further comments by email to improve giving presentations (in person or online)

<Andrew> Topics for Presentation

Darren: topics seems to be a different style and has no introduction

William: suggests moving the orientation section up the top

Andrew: good idea

Helle: not so much contents as a topic list

Andrew: thanks for those suggestions
... what about the order

michael: move components up before evaluating

William: people not understanding relationship of browser and website, and web

andrew: introducing web accessibility

<achuter> maybe elicit from the audience their own experiences, or people they know

Suzette: like the original title as a question

William: make this an additional option - to ask question

Andrew: barriers and access strategies

william: can the intro ask the presenter a question - to 'do what we say they should do'

Andrew: Business case - opportunity to start with a question again
... skip forward to evaluating

<achuter> "Developing a Web Accessibility Business Case for Your Organization" link needs to be more prominent

Helle: problem of evaluation tools still working on WCAG 1

andrew: lack of currently available tools for WCAG 2.0 so may miss some issues

Michael: need to show that automatic tools are insufficient - people are disappointed by this

Helle: information elsewhere about selecting appropriate tools - could be linked

Michael: other tools available that are not specifically about accessibility but deal with specific issue

andrew: tools document must also need updating - but a significant task
... components of web accessibility

michael: what about needs of editors and authors/ writers?
... will also go through the training he does for other potential topics

Helle: all big companies now using CMS, and then talk about content provider/editor responsible for putting up content through CMS templates
... need to know about importance of keeping to accessibility
... responsibility of content editors

Andrew:maybe also a topic for selecting accessible authoring tools or CMS's

Andrew: Involving users in Web Accessibility

William: this should more important

Helle: gramatically title does not work in Danish

suzette: we had this problem when creating the related docs

Andrew: Involving Users in Web Projects OR just Involving Users

Suzette: possibility of moving this section up to barriers?

Andrew: Promotion also working with local/regional groups [Michael's suggestion]
... your homework:

<Andrew> http://www.w3.org/WAI/EO/Drafts/training/2009/topics.html#t4

<Andrew> Designing - thoughts about splitting or creating sub-topics

andrew: missing section to look at topic 'designing' is a long topic with several sections

helle: asked for it to be emailed out

Summary of Action Items

No actions recorded

[End of minutes]

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