Web Services Coordination Group

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This is the home page of the Web Services Coordination Group, which is part of the Web Services Activity.

You can find about the role of the Web Services Coordination Group in the Coordination Group's Charter as well as in the Process Document's Coordination Groups definition.

Meeting records

Schedule / Calendar

See the calendar for the Web Services Activity.

Discussion lists

The main discussion list for the Coordination Group is the Member only mailing list w3c-ws-cg. See the administrative page for more details.

The publicly archived mailing list www-ws-cg is used for public communication and is low traffic. Minutes of meetings are publicly available.

Working Group Participants

Members of this Coordination Group are the Chairs of the Activity Working Groups, the Activity Lead and the Semantic Web Activity Lead.

Philippe Le Hégaret <plh@w3.org>, Chair
Yves Lafon, Team Contact
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