Web Services Coordination Group call
4 Jun 2004


Michael, Jonathan_Marsh, Carine, Steve


<MSM> [pause for re-send of agenda]

<Marsh> brb

UNKNOWN_SPEAKER: http://www.w3.org/2004/04/13-ws-cg-minutes.html

<Marsh> back


Nothing from XML CG

Addison has rescheduled to present next call

Ping March

woops Marsh

<scribe> ACTION: Jonathan to forward email to WSDWG - DONE (no interest at this point)

<scribe> ACTION: MSM to point WSCG to MIME profile parameter mixed language proposal (MSM to investigate more) [PENDING] (RETIRED)

<scribe> ACTION: Steve to make a virtual intro between David Fallside and Frank Greco (DONE)

<scribe> ACTION: Steve to schedule a slot to talk with Addison on the next CG call (DONE - scheduled for next call)

Choreo: Published 2nd WD and done press release

Description: Nothing much to report

<MSM> MSM's ACTION: http://lists.w3.org/Archives/Member/w3c-ws-cg/2004Mar/0004.html

<MSM> You have 300 lurkers?

<caribou> probably 270 :)

SWIG: Nothing much to report.

<caribou> and 15 contributors

SWSI - SRT doing pi-calculus tutorial

<scribe> ACTION: SRT to send details to group on pi-tutorial

AOB: WS-MD submission by Oracle and others.

JM: CG Schedule page needs to be updated.

<scribe> ACTION: Hugo to update page.

Summary of Action Items

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