Web Services CG Meeting
24 Oct 2006

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Bob_Freund, TonyR, Felix, Plh, Jonathan_Marsh, JacekK, MChapman, Yves, Paul_Downey, Michael
Carine, Eric



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Status reports

Data binding

pauld: done a bunch of work, have two specs, basic is LC on Tuesday
... the other is (soon) first public WD

WS Description

Jonathan: we finished dealing with at-risk items
... we removed features and properties, maybe not yet in the editor's draft
... the MTOM description is of interest to many people, should be done soon
... issues list almost empty, we will see about republication
... may stop meeting regularly


Bob: resolved CR33 by introducing a set of markers that divide the behavior for policy and for WSDL extension
... we are analyzing if we are breaking the namespace
... this would bring us back to LC, should be quick
... so we are out of the deadlock
... this work-in-progress will be input to OASIS WS-RM TC

Jonathan: is your consensus just a reformulation?

Bob: if some other protocol or layer defines their own URLs, this provides a way to declare backchannel URLs
... we may start a taskforce with policy for work on assertions, or give a proposal to policy group


Yves: we are close to PR, agreed on one-way MEP, question about multicast
... the one-way MEP will be a WG note
... discussion on providing policy assertion for MTOM, first take was positive, we'll talk about it again


MChapman: most issues of implementation have been resolved
... formal semantics document is in progress of translation from LaTeX
... we are working on satisfying the exit criteria
... we have two potential (unmarked) features at risk, to be discussed


JacekK: not much is happening, got first LC review from WS-Desc WG
... we will submit our WSDLs to the WS-Desc test suite


Felix: we have four issues and a few issues related to optionality left for framework and attachment
... last call in november should be on time
... published FPWD of primer last week, working on guidelines for assertions authors


JacekK: SAWSDL: 13-14 Nov, in Athens, GA, USA

Web Services test data

plh: we were asked for WS test data
... anybody replied? anybody planning that?
... I think they mean SOAP messages, not descriptions
... does XMLP WG have something?

Yves: not sure our test messages are representative of real usage
... will send them a pointer to what we have, already in touch with them for something else

plh: addressing may have sample SOAP messages as well, will look into that

WSDL 2.0: Features&Properties and MTOM support

plh: we know F&P were removed
... WS-Desc WG discussed MTOM support - policy assertions, WSDL extension
... one company strongly wants the WSDL extension
... the WS-Desc WG would like the XMLP WG to make at least the policy assertion
... but who will make the WSDL extension?

Jonathan: the WG has consensus we'd like to have MTOM descriptive capabilities
... if the XMLP could do it, that would be optimal
... only one company wants WSDL extension, others support policy assertion
... it's a question bigger than our WG - exactly what capabilities should be provided?
... strawpolls indicated something needs to be done, but it's not clear who and what

plh: if XMLP decides not to do it, WS-Desc would probably take it up
... there is a proposal from Canon for WSDL extension

Jonathan: it may be done similarly to what Addressing does - policy assertion that is also wsdl extension
... but it's also a question of implementations for getting it through CR
... I'd like to see the XMLP WG to work on descriptive capabilities - there are a lot of different axes about granularity and optionality
... we'd like to review that, and at least part of us wants the WSDL extension
... it's also a question of WSDL 2.0 vs. WSDL 1.1

plh: will XMLP make a decision this week?

Yves: we'll talk about it at least, one of the points is rechartering

plh: I see that as purely administrative

Next meetings

plh: we may drop Nov 7 due to many regrets
... resolved to have next telcon Nov 21

Jonathan: may not make it Nov 21 (?)

meeting adjourned

<pauld> may be travelling, also

Summary of Action Items

[End of minutes]

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