Web Services CG
26 Sep 2006


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TonyR, Philippe, Jonathan Marsh, Felix, Bob Freund, Yves, Paul Downey, Chris_Ferris, JacekK, Michael
Carine, Eric


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review of action items

<scribe> ACTION: [DONE] Philippe to send an issue to WS-A about a stronger reference to WS-Policy. [recorded in http://www.w3.org/2006/09/26-ws-cg-minutes.html#action01]

Status report


Paul:Not much to report, we have a f2f next week in Sophia Antipolis. XML.com article and xmlschema-dev discussions


Chris: Nothing to report, very close to PER, still have to review the primer

Plh: you will have other WGs from this CG to review your docs.


Policy's report

Chris: down to 16 issues


Jonathan: Talks about features at risk. 3 items to talk about: HTTP binding. less interest from member than for the SOAP binding, but still some interest. it won't be removed. some MEPs are at risk as well. we have some MEP that are not used. the out-only is not referred to in the document, the group may extract those MEPs and publish them in a WG Note

Jacek: even if they are removed, will they in the same form of URI as the current ones?

Jonathan: yes

Jacek: that sounds like a good move to publish them in a WG note with the same kind or URIs.

Jonathan: last feature at risk is F&Ps. the group thinks that it is possible to remove them without impacting the implementation and the doc, one of our member is wanting to have a way to describe MTOM, currently it is defined only as a feature, so we are looking for a way to define MTOM without. using the whole F&P framework


skipped, see the addressing agenda item


not much since last time, working on the theoretical background note, and chasing impls


we are in sync with our timeline

From chairs@w3.org

- Guide to Versioning XML Languages using XML Schema 1.1

- Short namespace URIs for W3C TRs available


5-6 October
XML Schema Patterns for Databinding
7-9 November
WS Policy, Bedford, MA
Second week of November
Interop event for WSDL 2.0
still don't know if it will be in England or in France.
16-18 January
WS Policy, San Francisco, hosted by BEA

Jacek: SAWSDL will meet in Georgia mid-november

SAWSDL Last Call

Jacek: people were not notified as I was away. not sure about the process

Plh: it might have been better to negociate the review time with other group prior to publication

jacek: groups targeted; WSDL, schema, databinding (although unofficially), the SemWeb and SWS IG, and the Semantic Execution Environment TC in OASIS

MSM: it will be a bit difficult considering the time frame

WSDL at risk features

Philippe: CDL sent in the past a message saying that F&P were a good thing to keep

Yves: it would have been a nice hook to plug things needed for alignment, but there might be other ways to do it. also for MEP, there is need to support them at the CDL level, as messages are mostly one way at the CDL level

Jacek: in the case of MTOM, we can ask people unwilling to implement full fledge Policy processor, they can implement only the part relative to describing MTOM

WS Addressing situation

Bob: since early july, got 2 issues, starting with one, rec-33 related to WSDL description and anonymous. Anish & Paco are tasked to provide a new resolution. We may go back on how we are relying on WSDL.

Jonathan: there is kind of loop around that issue between addressins and RX TC

Bob: there is still an option for a get-together on this topic. The WG sentiment is not to change the MUST in a SHOULD as it leaves room for badly done stuff

Philippe: looks like the only way to have addressing and RX agreeing will be by doing a joint call. also if there is a better alignment with Policy on anonymous, the doc will probably have to go back to WD

Web Services i18n

Felix: the i18n activity will start work in this area, the goal is do things like describing things like the locale using policy

presentation was made to the WSDL WG during the last plenary as well

early next week a pointer to the charter will circulate

next calls

Oct 10, Jonathan, Bob, Paul (MDA workshop), Philippe (FSTC) and Jacek won't be there

next call Oct 24th


Summary of Action Items

[DONE] ACTION: Philippe to send an issue to WS-A about a stronger reference to WS-Policy. [recorded in http://www.w3.org/2006/09/26-ws-cg-minutes.html#action01]
[End of minutes]

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