Web Services CG Meeting

12 Jun 2007

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Jonathan, Martin, Jacek, Tony, Yves, Carine, Philippe



no objection to minutes of previous meeting - approved

next meeting

next meeting should be June 26 - approved

status reports

Jonathan: WSDL: no change - in PR

Philippe: filed an issue relating to moving some of the references between normative and non-normative (because they are/are not referenced)

Jonathan: yes - should we have a call to settle this?

Philippe: if necessary

Jacek: SAWSDL: slow - getting implementations, but slowly
... hope to move out of CR this month
... maybe next week, maybe the week after

Yves: XML Protocol: about to request PR. still have to check that the interop didn't require changes

Yves: CDL: still waiting news of a second implementation - discussion with a group at South China Uni, who claim to have a full implementation
... formatting issue converting from LaTeX to HTML

Yves: Data Binding: just had a call; planning a FtF in August in Edinburgh to move things around based on implementation examples. modifying some tests based on Float format

Philippe: Policy: no one present
... hope to move out of CR soon, by reports


Philippe: I should add the Data Binding FtF to the calendar

Charter review

Philippe: WSDL - charter expires end of June - hope to be in Rec by then - perfect timing

Jacek: SAWSDL - charter expires at end of June - requesting 2 month extension - that should be fine. the group does not expect to continue past W3C Rec, but there are sub-groups which may continue
... biggest interest in transforming between RDF/XML to regular XML - small technical issue, but biggest interest

Philippe: WS-Addressing - not interested in continuing very far. CR requested on last document. slight delay because of a comment response. Plan to proceed to PR end of July,
... some issue relating to the embedding of WSDL construct in EPRs - marked at risk
... 2 month extension should be sufficient to get the document to Rec

Philippe: WS-Choreography - had a charter extension which expires at the end of this month. Won't move the document forward because of the lack of a second implementation. Options: leave document at CR, publish as a Working Group Note.

WS Core WG charter draft

Philippe: charter draft does not include potential WG chairs
... Issue relating to patent policy position - not clear

Summary of Action Items

[End of minutes]

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