Web Services Coordination Group

13 Jun 2006

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Steve, Tony, Pauld, Bob, Felix, Paulc, Chris, Jonathan, Jacek



minutes from last meeting approved


srt: chor has been chasing vertical standards group from the start. ISO looking to consolidate a number of financial vertical protocol standards, SWIFT etc. I presented CDL to the ISO WG, and they showed interest

discussion of ISO classifications

Philippe: steve and I will continue to work on this coordination, but will track and report back within this WG

Status Reports

srt: ws-chor has 10-12 CR issues raised, WG has been kicked back into life, Primer being worked up, Robin Milner contributing to formal semantics work, which is exciting. need Yves to work on publication from latex. need an extension until the end of the year, on target for that

bob: addressing published a CR for addressing following Edinburgh F2F. two participants in the interop, organised an interop workshop for Boston next month, may be virtual if we don't see more participation. WSDL 2.0 testing in our current time frame is at risk

Philippe: no pressure (yet) to release the room for the interop event

Jonathan: not a lot to report since our last CG, we have about 50 issues. CR22 is about import/include interactions, may have some impact with addressing. working towards a successful event hosted by IBM in Toronto in July, may not be the end of interop, but will move us on

Tony: we need more coordination with addressing

Philippe: no XMLP chair as yet, we're looking for a new chair and Yves isn't here

jacek: we're starting to work, first F2F next week and soon after we'll publish our first working draft

pauld: had a F2F in Edinburgh, working towards a F2F in Apsley in July after which we'll publish our last Working Draft. been publicising our work at WWW2006 and plan to present at the WS-I next week and raise awareness

paulc: will alternate with chris, participation is still light, expecting more people to join soon (including IBM :). working towards our first F2F next month in Austin, TX

Philippe: AC meeting mentioned eventing, and discussed Web services. we've a new Semantic Web lead, and there is a new iteration of XML core documents, but no widespread review anticipated

Jonathan: relative namespaces goes from errata to being collapsed into Rec documents

Philippe: other clarifications made, e.g regarding default XML namespaces. some fairly recently


Philippe: new F2F item from DB 31 July-1st August


Jonathan: WSDL 2.0 Features and Properties (v) WS-Policy is an issue we agreed to revisit once WS-Policy gets going. unsure of the impact on the WS-Policy WG would be should F&P continue to exist. on our agenda, but WG is possibly reluctant to enter that discussion again. we may have more information on F&P as a result of our CR testing, technical and support in implementations. some discussion in the Policy WG could be useful on how these two things could co-exist

paulc: announcement for Policy WG went to the AC list (which means that not everyone here will have seen it, see call for participation). announcement implies coordination with WSDL 2.0, but unclear who initiates that coordination. unhappy to air this dirty laundry in my nice new WG :-)

Philippe: can WSDL discuss this before WS-Policy meet F2F

WSDL 2.0 CR22

Jonathan: explains the issue CR022, import and include. components built from two WSDL files may inherit properties and extensions, or take on default values. Performance of this processing is expodential. We'd like to simplify this processing based upon CR testing with implementations.. may impact how addressing is using WSDL 2.0, however given this is a function of the component model and not markup, this may not be impact Addressing

Philippe: will this help the performance issue?

Jonathan: should help, as it's a function of how you build the component model, and may be optimised so you don't have to reprocess each file each time it's imported

Jonathan: may result in editorial clarifications. we're interested in building testing around this issue. WS-Addressing can help by contribute test cases. WSDL 1.1 to 2.0 converter may be helpful here. we should share test cases between working groups

bob: happy to contribute test cases

Jonathan: we need examples quickly

Pauld wonders if WS-Policy extensions would be helpful here

Jonathan: we have overlap between with policy thanks to Asir, he'll certainly be interested in this area. we're obviously be looking for other examples of WSDL extensions

Philippe: semantic annotations?

jacek: our extensions are localised, and aren't typically inherited, so we're unlikely to encounter this issue (afaict)

Next meetings

Philippe: next call - we have a choice of falling back into our usual alternate week pattern, or skipping a week and continuing on this pattern

paulc: be aware of July the 4th

jonathan: WS-I next week and then have conflicts during August

bob: at WS-I, otherwise reasonably OK

Philippe: next meeting in two weeks, 27th?

jonathan: on holiday

further discussion of dates ..

Philippe: July 18th, then August 1st?. are WGs planning to meeting in August?

Jonathan: WSDL traditionally doesn't meet

bob: Addressing may meet, or at least the testing

Philippe: unlikely policy will take August off

Tony: our WG page is out of date regarding participation

Philippe: blushes :-)

Resolution: Upcoming meetings: July 18, August 1, August 15, August 29

Summary of Action Items

No new action items

[End of minutes]

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