Web Services Coordination Group Call
11 May 2004

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Hugo_Haas, Andrea_Vine, Jonathan_Marsh, Addison_Phillips, David_Fallside, Tex_Texin


Addison: We talked to the CG a while ago; today we have Andrea Vine and Tex Texin with me
...we have published a usage scenarios and a requirements document
...the requirements document will be published tomorrow, and the usage scenarios document will be republished in the near future
...have your Groups been exposed to them?

Jonathan: not recently

Addison: the usage scenarios document has changed a lot, and covers SOAP and WSDL
...now is probably a good time for reviewing the document
...the requirements document does talk about the low-level things that we think will need to happen
...we don't have a lot of criticism about SOAP and WSDL; on the other hand, there may need some work on top of them for I18N

Hugo: WSDL 2.0 is approaching LC; is there something that you think that would need to be urgently fixed?

Addison: it could be included in the core, or defined as a feature, an add-on

Jonathan: you are talking about application-level information, then

Addison: you may want for example to specify the locale so that people can adjust their expectations; also, we can consider locale negotiation

Jonathan: what's the difference between this and other QoS info?

Addison: I don't think that there is a difference
...however, today, if you want I18N QoS, you need to deal with it yourself; having a standardized solution would dramatically increase interoperability

Jonathan: so there is an opportunity to write WSDL 2.0 extensions for this

Addison: we are going to be recharted, and this is indeed a topic of dicussion

Jonathan: how many WS vendors are active?

Addison: MS, IBM, Sun, webMethods, ...
...We'd actually like to have support for more vendors
...when some of the activity material is written, I'd like it to be circulated on main WS WGs

Jonathan: once you start working on something concrete, we can expect more interest

Hugo: what can we do now? WG review?

Addison: yes, I believe that it would be good

Jonathan: yes, circulating the documents for review is a good idea; also, on the topic of XML 1.1, we may be able to get useful feedback from the I18N WS task force

David: I can ask the XMLP WG for reviewers to
...there will be the question of infrastructure vs. application-level

Addison: you can certainly have services that are locale-sensitive

Andrea: also, there are some human readable elements

Addison: the infrastructure doesn't prevent somebody from doing it, but doesn't enable it either

<scribe> ACTION: chairs to send pointers to their WGs about reviewing I18N documents

<scribe> ACTION: CG to ping Addison about progress and rechartering

Summary of Action Items

[NEW] ACTION: CG to ping Addison about progress and rechartering [recorded
  in http://www.w3.org/2004/05/11-ws-cg-irc#T17-45-57]
[NEW] ACTION: chairs to send pointers to their WGs about reviewing I18N
  documents [recorded in http://www.w3.org/2004/05/11-ws-cg-irc#T17-43-13]

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