Supporters Program FAQ

How do I become a W3C Supporter?

There are several approaches:

  • To be acknowledged on the site, complete the Supporters Application
  • For smaller donations or anonymous donations, you may use any of these methods:
    • Paypal
    • Wire. Please make out your wire to "W3C Supporters Program" and use this wire information.
    • Check. Please make out your check to "Ercim/W3C" and please note on the check that this is for the "W3C Supporters Program". Please send the check to the attention of Caroline Baron using the W3C address in France.

What value contribution is required to be listed here?

  • Premier Supporters have made a contribution of 10000 USD (or equivalent in another currency).
  • Major Supporters have made a contribution of 2500 - 9999 USD (or equivalent in another currency). Note: This is the value as of 22 September 2008, increased from 1000 USD.
  • Contributing Supporters have made a contribution of 100 - 2499 USD (or equivalent in another currency).

Yes. Premier and Major W3C Supporters may have links to their sites from this page.

For how long can I have a link on this page?

For one year from receipt of your contribution, renewable at the end of that year. See the the Supporters Program Policy for more information.

No, but you can renew as long as you would like.

Will the link from the Supporters page improve my ranking by search engines?

W3C makes no assurances that sites linked from the Supporters program will see improved ranking in search engine results. W3C instructs search engines to ignore links from the Supporters page.

No. At the current time, we are not offering a link from the W3C Home Page as part of the Supporters program. W3C Members can participate in the Member Testimonials Program, which allows them to display a logo on the W3C Home Page and link from there to their own site; testimonials circulate on a frequent basis. More information about joining W3C is available.

I'd like to give N software licenses worth $3500 to W3C. Does that mean I will automatically be a Major Supporter?

No. The W3C staff does accept contributions of software licenses, but only for software that we plan to use. The valuation (and thus level of support) of any contribution of licenses is based on the actual number of licenses the W3C staff plans to use. Please note that we do not accept licenses for non-staff as part of this program.