Sponsorship and Donations

Ensuring that the Web remains open, accessible and interoperable for everyone around the world is a mission that the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) takes to heart every day. While some of the technical work we do receives funding from Member organizations, we are only able to achieve Web inventor Tim Berners-Lee’s vision of leading the Web to its full potential through the generosity of contributions and sponsorships from individuals and organizations.


Since 1994, W3C has been developing Web Quality tools used every day by millions of Web developers and Web designers. These tools are free, Open-Source and provide the Web a fair, reliable help in building Web content that works now and will work in the future. Good tools cost a lot to develop, support, host and maintain: with your help, we can make the validators better, faster, friendlier, and maintain a great, free service for all of the Web.

W3C invites donations from the Web community to help support its operations of stewardship in leading the Web to its full potential. Our strong commitment to those who make the Web work feeds the virtuous circle of increasing developer engagement at W3C and the value of W3C to the community. Day after day, the W3C Team does its best to make the Web a better place and help you build the Web.

Support W3C's mission and its free services, become a Friend of the W3C, donate.


W3C recognizes that giving takes many forms. We have identified a number of ways that individuals and organizations can pursue philanthropy, corporate responsibility, and business goals, and support W3C's mission. W3C Membership is not required to participate in these programs, however W3C Members may receive additional benefits when they participate.

  • Global

    W3C offers several ways for organizations that benefit greatly from the Web, or for individuals who appreciate W3C's work, to support our operations.

    More Global

    Three tiers of benefits are available, including visibility at W3C events and sponsorship of Vertical activities.

  • Technology & Industry

    These programs are designed to give you the ability to support specific technical activities at W3C.

    More Technology & Industry

    Two types of programs aimed at showing your support for a specific body of work at W3C.

  • Event

    This program gives organizations an easy way to reach with W3C's international audience of technology influencers.

    More Events

    Benefits include mention in W3C press releases, distribution of marketing materials, and guest passes.

  • Web for
    All Sponsor

    This program is well-suited to those who wish to demonstrate their leadership in social responsibility to make the Web available to all people.

    More Web for All

    Support W3C initiatives such as those related to literacy, accessibility, and multilingual Web.

  • Developer

    Donations to this program help W3C provide tools and educational materials to the international developer community.

    More Developer

    Benefits include your logo as part of the popular W3C validator, and more.