Logos and Icons

W3C makes available a number of logos for technologies it produces as well as for W3C as an organization, for W3C Members, and a few others. We invite you to use the logos to show your support for standards. There are a few conditions for using specific logos; see below or on other pages that list logos.

In most cases, W3C logos and icons may be used without requesting permission from W3C. When the logo usage policy requires that you obtain express written permission, or for specific uses of our logo/brand, please send your request to the W3C Communications Team (w3t-pr@w3.org). See below for:

Organization Logos

The W3C Trademark and Servicemark License applies to the following logos; additional policies noted below also apply.

LogoPermission required?Usage
W3C Home Page No

When used on the Web, the icon must be an active link to https://www.w3.org/.

You may only post the graphic found at https://www.w3.org/Icons/w3c_home.

The icon must not be used in any manner which implies W3C sponsorship or endorsement of your product, service, or Internet site.

The icon may not be used to disparage W3C, its Member organizations, services, or products.

The icon must stand alone: it cannot be combined with any other design element such as photography, type, borders, nor can it be incorporated into another logo.

World Wide Web Consortium YesSame as for the W3C Icon
W3C Member Icon No

Members of the World Wide Web Consortium are authorized and encouraged to display this icon on their products, packaging and literature, provided that no implication of endorsement of products by W3C is made.

An organization that is not a W3C Member but is the subsidiary of a W3C Member may also use the "W3C Member" logo when indicating its (subsidiary) relationship to a W3C Member. The subsidiary must not misrepresent its Membership status when using the logo.

When used on the Web, the icon must be an active link to https://www.w3.org/.

W3C Office Not available to the public This logo and the individual offices logos found on each Office's Web site, are subject to the W3C Offices logo policy (Offices and Team-only).
W3C Evangelist Not available to the public

W3C Evangelists only are authorized and encouraged to display this icon on their website, documents and literature.

When used on the Web, the icon must be an active link to https://www.w3.org/Consortium/evangelists/.

More Logos

Looking for more logos?

The validator logos include valid html 4.01! and more.

Logo/Icon FAQ

Can I change a W3C logo to fit the look and feel of my site?

No. The W3C Logo provides the organization with its visual identity. As a result, there are strict rules for its use. Changing the W3C logos is not permitted, as it defeats the purpose of the logo, which is to be noticed and identified as W3C.

Yes, you may link to the W3C site with images that are not derived from the W3C logo.

I saw the "valid" icon displayed on a site but the page is invalid. What should I do?

We recommend that you write to the site manager and politely bring to that person's attention that there is an inconsistency. Please note that W3C does not verify or attempt to enforce validity claims.

May I serve a copy of the logo from my own site?

Yes. You may create local copies of these logos at your site or include by reference the versions at the W3C site. If you make local copies, you should check periodically for updates from W3C (e.g., to account for small changes or new formats).

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