W3C Workshops

W3C organizes Workshops to promote early involvement in the development of W3C activities from Members and the public. The goal of a workshop is usually either to convene experts and other interested parties for an exchange of ideas about a technology or policy, or to address the pressing concerns of W3C Members. A list of past W3C Workshops is available.

Upcoming Workshops

  • 2016-10-19 (19 OCT) 2016-10-20 (20 OCT)

    Web & Virtual Reality Workshop

    San Jose, CA, USA

    Hosted by Samsung

    The Workshop will look at the intersection of Web and Virtual Reality technologies. It aims at enabling the sharing of experiences between practitioners of the field, discuss existing gaps in the Web platform that make some Virtual Reality use cases difficult or impossible in browsers today, and explore what future standards are needed to pave the way for the Web to be one of the major VR platforms.

  • 2016-11-30 (30 NOV) 2016-12-01 ( 1 DEC)

    Smart Descriptions & Smarter Vocabularies (SDSVoc)


    CWI with support from the VRE4EIC project

    The workshop will cover a variety of related issues: how to manage a vocabulary in a collaborative environment, how to define an application profile for human and machine consumption, how to request data using a specific profile and, as a prime example of all this - experiences of using DCAT that might lead to its extension.

Recent Workshops

  • 2016-06-29 (29 JUN) 2016-06-30 (30 JUN)

    Blockchains and the Web Workshop

    Cambridge, MA, USA

    Hosted by the MIT Media Lab

  • 2015-11-25 (25 NOV) 2015-11-26 (26 NOV)

    Share-PSI Workshop: Maximising interoperability — core vocabularies, location-aware data and more

    Berlin, Germany

    Hosted by Fraunhofer FOKUS

    The fifth and final workshop in the Share-PSI series will address the topic of maximising interoperability: core vocabularies, location-aware data and more. The workshop is explicitly interested in ideas, concepts and solutions that directly or indirectly address the interoperability of open data and PSI. As with all Share-PSI workshops, the aim is to identify best practices in these areas with a focus on Public Sector Information, although cultural heritage, commercial and scientific data are also relevant.

  • 2015-09-17 (17 SEP) 2015-09-18 (18 SEP)

    Web and Digital Marketing Convergence, a W3C Workshop

    Tampa, Florida (USA)

    Hosted by Nielsen

    Digital Marketing has supported innovation since the dawn of the Web, from start-ups to mature Web properties. The W3C community sees an emerging need for standard mechanisms in support of digital marketing interoperability and analytics for the ecosystem’s growth and resiliency.