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Note: this is in not necessarily a complete list, this was generated by a quick search of the minutes of all previous meetings.

Resolutions of the SocialWG

  • Aim to publish ActivityStreams 2.0 FPWD by TPAC
  • Split document into two documents: core and vocab


  • scribe copy/paste minutes to social wg wiki


  • approve minutes from last week
  • The schedule for the Social Data Syntax is as just
  • Social API schedule: gather candidates and



  • Minutes of 16 september approved
  • SWAT0 is the initial use-case
  • Initial use cases from the IG for social data syntax by TPAC


  • Approve minutes of 23 September
  • Keep Action spec separate


  • Approve minutes of 30 September 2014
  • with unanimous silence, we've approved it




  • approved minutes from October 21st
  • we will open all issues raised during TPAC
  • approved mintues from October 21st
  • we will open all raised issues





  • approved minutes of 25 November


  • Minutes from 2014-12-02 approved


  • minutes of Dec 9 approved
  • next telecon Jan 6 2015
  • Continue jasnell's effort to do an extended vocabulary for Activity Streams focused on social data


  • extend honorary membership to youngest ever member
  • minutes approved from last week


  • accept evan's proposal for the next two weeks. week 1 is to propose user stories on the wiki, week 2 is to vote on them



  • editorial stops 18 Feb 2015 at 00:00 EST, survey runs exactly 1 week


  • open issue-12 without objection
  • to open issue-13
  • if you're the author of the user story you may add clarifying comments in the voting area



  • change examples to have URLs a la
  • Close ISSUE-21 re-affirming we'll use JSON-LD as in the
  • We focus on the following three micropub, and LDP
  • We will compare all three candidates based on (at least


  • meet at TPAC, Sapporo Japan 26-30 October
  • we are not going to meet in Paris
  • the WG encourage co-evolution and bridge-building across Social API candidates, instead of competition towards a date-driven selection
  • the WG will prefer follow-your-nose architecture in the API candidates we consider


  • Approval of Minutes of 24 March 2015 Teleconf
  • Close ISSUE-21 re-affirming we'll use JSON-LD as in the current draft, with a normative context, and let people bring up sub-issues
  • close issue-22
  • close issue-23
  • open issue-24


  • Open raised issues ISSUE-26-36
  • Close the following issues: ISSUE-7, ISSUE-12, ISSUE-20


  • IRC and email and wiki are our canonical communication channels and if there are dropped balls we handled them as needed. For example, concern that not everybody was reading the mailing list which is fixed by bringing up things in the wiki.
  • Reject issue 20 due to no actual implementation using JSON text sequences.
  • Open issue 25 as something that Social API proposals should answer.
  • close issue 30 without action.
  • accept pull requests 96, 95, 92
  • Use Person as profile object to address issues 26 27. Ok to re-open with new information when available, still open to multiple personas e.g. via extension.
  • Remodel "Connect" and "FriendRequest" as object types per issue 28
  • keep Generator, deprecate Provider from AS2 per issue 32


  • approved 10 Mar minutes
  • approved 14 Apr minutes
  • have specs for Social API candidates ready for review by 28 Apr 2015 meeting


  • approve minutes ffor 21 April
  • Issue37 opened
  • keep AS2 compat with HTML <a href rel type>


  • close issue-20 until someone comes with a real problem and concrete proposal
  • open ISSUE-37
  • Close ISSUE-36, Remove all non AS2 namespaces from the normative context, keep the normative context limited to only AS2 vocabulary terms
  • Close ISSUE-13, as is. If there is a problem with specific types missing or that shouldn't be there this should be handled with specific issues
  • Close ISSUE-15 as is
  • Leave it to James to edit as he sees fit and check back with Erik to see if that satisfies ISSUE-16
  • Close Issue-17 as superceded by issue-26
  • Close ISSUE-26, add Profile, clarifying that a Person need not be a physical/real person
  • Close ISSUE-27, revolved with addition of Profile
  • Close ISSUE-33, deprecate rating


  • Continue next week


  • approve minutes of 2015-04-28 telecon
  • approve minutes of 2015-05-04 F2F
  • accept all user stories that are entirely positive as official user stories
  • let's not worry on exactly how many documents are actually written and focus on just getthing *something* written
  • approve all +1 user stories



  • Approve 26 May telecon
  • Close ISSUE-43 as is, if anyone has a specific suggestion/proposal, they should raise a new issue explaining what it is, along with a use case
  • revert change that removed microformats examples, and add a warning e.g. "This example needs review." to any microformats examples that have not been verified/fixed per action 26. Also others are welcome to help with action 26!
  • let IG members hang out in WG #social channel; but scribe the IG meetings in #socialig


  • Approve Minutes of 2 June 2015 with the caveat that the resolution about AS 2.0 microformats was objected by James Snell
  • Request a revision of our charter to use the new W3C Software and Document license for all Social Web WG specs ASAP



  • approve minutes of 16 June 2015


  • Publish AS2 and AS2 vocab drafts as is currently with a few more purely editorial edits from eprodrom today, and push next round of mf examples updates to the next WD. jasnell to prepare documents and submit to pub process by tomorrow.
  • Jasnell and shepazu co-edit a joint working group NOTE between Annotations WG and Social Web WG describing the overlap & relationship between AS2 and both Web Annotation Data Model and what they're trying to accomplish with Web Annotation Protocol.



  • approve minutes of 2015 07 07
  • accept all user stories that are entirely positive as official user stories '


  • 2015-07-14 minutes approved
  • rename Inbox user story to "Read Social Streams"


  • Approval of Minutes of 28 July 2015
  • Close ISSUE-44 as duplicative, open ISSUE-45


  • approve minutes of Aug 11 2015
  • accept PR #199
  • 10 minute extension of meeting
  • ask the IG to continue to resolve objections with the help of WG members and propose user stories for acceptance


  • User stories are interpreted as their functionality, not by terminology



  • accept minutes for 15 Sep 2015


  • approved Sep 22 minutes



  • Take up tantek's post-type discovery as a Working Draft of the WG
  • Accept Post-type discovery as an editor's draft


  • accept this basic structure of a Social API document as an editor's draft for the WG and continue development on w3c-social github.



  • the proposal is to say that implementers SHOULD treat application/ld+json; profile=" " as being equivalent to application/activity+json, but that application/activity+json is the media type for AS2 documents
  • move Folder, Album, Story out of core into separate extension vocabulary
  • close 205 with recommendation to use partOf from DC:terms


Socialwg/2015-12-01-minutes F2F @ SF

  1. Link All JSON-LD related details should go into a separate section (e.g. Appendix: Considerations for JSON-LD similar to the section in Annotations WG spec, but open to Editor alternatives) and also allowed in the Extensions section. Both typical publishers and developers should not have to worry about JSONLD.
  2. Link Keep AS2 work going on the Recommendation track.
  3. Link Everyone will try to have substantive issues (on AS2) raised by two weeks (Dec 15) or at least will ask for an extension by then
  4. Link Close ISSUE-46 as redundant according to jasnell. Yes, there might be paging at multiple levels of the protocol.
  5. Link Close ISSUE-46 as redundant according to jasnell. Yes, there might be paging at multiple levels of the protocol.
  6. Link CLOSE ISSUE-4 addressed by which can proceed on its own
  7. Link Close ISSUE-37, as is - no alignment
  8. Link Close ISSUE-38, leaving that to be decided later on, when a new version of the spec is developed, if deemed necessary
  9. Link Close ISSUE-45, as "good enough", PRs to be submitted for any further improvements
  10. Link Close ISSUE #248, renaming displayName to name
  11. Link Close ISSUE #247, removing title attribute
  12. Link Close ISSUE #245, keeping both url and href separate, clarifying the spec
  13. Link Accept jf2 as an editor's draft with no commitment to rec track or even note track, but rather as a means to improving AS2
  14. Link make any FPWD- issues on Social Protocols Comparison visible by next telecon 12/8
  15. Link Move MicroPub to Editor's Draft status
  16. Link accept ActivityPump as editor's draft

Socialwg/2015-12-02-minutes F2F @ SF

  1. Link Continue developing federation aspects of existing candidate specs (ActivityPump, SoLiD, Micropub/IndieWeb building blocks) and in parallel Evan will curate requirements from user stories and other federation protocol efforts, with documented reasons for non-requirements
  2. Link mark the above set closed
  3. Link mark the above set closed: 175, 235, 240, 256, 242, and 223
  4. Link close issue 208
  5. Link close the issue, dropping content objects
  6. Link close 157
  7. Link remove the current text, close issue 251
  8. Link publish a new WD of AS2 drafts as of / by Friday.
  9. Link Accept as the github procedure for the Social WG
  10. Link add cwebber as co-editor of activity pump
  11. Link make any FPWD- issues on Post Type Discovery visible by next telecon 12/8


  1. Link approve minutes of Nov 24
  2. Link approve minutes Dec 1 and
  3. Link make any FPWD- issues on Social Web Protocols visible before next telecon 12/15
  4. Link close webmention issues #22, #18, #17, #13, #12, #5 as resolved either having incorporated feedback or rejected with justification
  5. Link make any FPWD- issues on Webmention visible before next telecon 12/15
  6. Link make any FPWD- issues on Post Type Discovery visible before next telecon 12/15


  1. Publish Post Type Discovery as a FPWD
  2. Close issue 261 without further action
  3. Close 276, changing to a MUST


  1. Publish FPWD of ActivityPump
  2. Our CR-Exit for AS2 will be: Each feature of AS2 must be used by at least two independent implementations
  3. change name of ActivityPump to ActivityPub


  1. Link Publish FPWD of Micropub


  1. publish new working draft of Micropub based on current editor's draft at
  2. publish new working draft of Webmention based on current editor's draft at

Socialwg/2016-03-16-minutes F2F @ MIT

  1. reserve Thursday/Friday for meeting at TPAC in Lisbon
  2. Drop Action Handlers Editor's Draft from our list of working group drafts, without prejudice
  3. publish new AS2 working drafts with outstanding (agreed, reviewed) edits completed
  4. Resolve to publish webmention, micropub and activitypub pending changes agreed by the wg this face-to-face

Socialwg/2016-03-17-minutes F2F @ MIT

  1. Mkae KevinMarks a coeditor of jf2


  1. Publish new working draft of Webmention based on 15 April 2016 editor's draft


  1. accept webmention exit criteria as written by Aaron, after including changes discussed above by bengo, eprodrom
  2. aaronpk will make suggested changes to the draft, including adding links to test suite. And publish a new version of the WD before next week's call


  1. Pending confirmation of availability from host by Aaron, change F2F dates from 2016-06-07..08 to 2016-06-06..07
  2. Publish latest editor's draft of Micropub:


  1. Activity Streams 2, Webmention, ActivityPub and Micropub are recommendation-track documents. We intend these four documents at a minimum to candidate recommendations as they become ready.
  2. Publish Webmention as a candidate recommendation
  3. Publish Webmention editor's draft as a working draft that we believe is CR-ready


  1. Publish updated Webmention WD and revise CR draft, with Salmention no longer being normative, as per current editors draft
  2. Publish updated working drafts of Activity Streams specifications based on current Editor's Draft.


  1. Publish the latest ActivityPub editor's draft


  1. publish current Editor's Draft of JF2 as First Public Working Draft in Note track
  2. publish JF2 FPWD with short name &quot;jf2&quot;
  3. Take current WDs of AS2, with edits agreed in this telcon to CR
  4. move AS2 WDs repo into the w3c namespace, to with the directories activitystreams-core renamed to core and activitystreams-vocabulary to vocabulary
  5. Publish updated AS2 WDs with the edits agreed in this telcon from its new repo
  6. publish Editor's Draft 31 May 2016 of Social Web Protocols as a Working Draft

Socialwg/2016-06-06-minutes F2F @ Portland

  1. Close issue #22 without changes. Use current micropub syntax and not adopt AS2 syntax


  1. publish the latest editor's draft of AS 2 as new WD
  2. Move MicroPub to CR


  1. Accept editorial change from bengo to AS2 in pull request pending spec editor approval with the intent of making this fix for CR.


  1. accept as new Editor's Draft for federation protocol


  1. publish AS2 documents as WDs with calling out issue inline in the appropriate place in the document(s)


  1. publish as FPWD of LDN


  1. only hold formal WG telecons on Aug 2 and Aug 23 2016
  2. We reply to r12a about as#338 (and as far as it applies to micropub #37) saying that we don't do HTML in these fields because implementation experience as with atom has shown it's too hard to implement / doesn't get implemented, and we think it's more important to have consistent interop
  3. Adopt OAuth 2.0 language for error message purpose and defer any localization of error messages in API results


  1. resolve webmention issue 60 as editorial with action (or lack thereof) at editor's discretion.


  1. Link Publish current editor's draft of ActivityPub plus changelog as new working draft
  2. Link Publish + Changelog as new working draft for Social Web Protocols
  3. Link Publish + detailed changelog as new working draft of LDN
  4. Link Proceed to CR with both ActivityStreams documents, including the changes worked out with i18n and items marked At Risk in this meeting, as per Ralph's go-ahead from the transition meeting.


  1. add language to micropub to use bidi control characters and thus close issue #37


  1. Publish new WD of LDN based on current ED
  2. Publish new WD of Activitypub based on editor's draft

Socialwg/2016-09-22-minutes F2F @ Lisbon TPAC

  1. accept aaronpk's proposal to close issue 48
  2. We're not going to make any changes, stick with application/json, but add a note about consideration for future versions, esp if there are incompatible other changes that a mimetype would help with. If there are conventions in the future more specific we could follow that.
  3. We're not going to make any changes, stick with application/json, but add a note about consideration for future versions, esp if there are incompatible other changes that a mimetype would help with. If there are conventions in the future more specific we could follow that. (Regarding issue #55.)
  4. close with everyone happy

Socialwg/2016-09-23-minutes F2F @ Lisbon TPAC

  1. Add source field to AP as at risk per proposal in activitypub/issues/107
  2. We'll give until October 11 to find out if we can put these in AS2 vocab. If we can do that, we will. If not, I'll use AP's own namespace.
  3. add a section to SWP describing the likely potential for server-to-server heavy load from discovery requests and approaches to mitigating
  4. publish new WD of LDN including fixes resolved by the WG today
  5. publish new WD of post type discovery, with the highlight of the issue regarding the type in the introduction
  6. Accept Proposal-2 from, being clear we're committed to keeping stable things stable
  7. Remove SHOULD from name/nameMap on general Object and add SHOULD to name/nameMap to Article.
  8. Return distinction between &quot;user entered or otherwise significant name&quot; and &quot;text fallback&quot; and shift SHOULD from meaningful name to text fallback.
  9. Take Pubsubhubbub to FPWD from ED with the fix of the SHA change
  10. Use shortname of pubsub for shortname for now
  11. Close pubsubhubbub community group with &quot;mission accomplished&quot;, draft incubated, it's now a rec-track working draft as part of socialwg.
  12. No more adopting rec-track first public working drafts in this working group
  13. We will move Social Web Protocols to a note, with the condition that all rec-track documents reference it informatively.


  1. Publish new WD of SWP
  2. Publish new WD of LDN
  3. Publish an updated CR of Micropub with the normative change in response to i18n issue raised during first CR, and resolving issue 62, and editorial changes too.


  1. Link Close LDN issue 52 ("inbox" name change) without change as there isn't a better term that makes it worth changing at this point
  2. Link Take LDN TO CR
  3. Link Webmention CR to PR


  1. publish a new working draft of Social Web Protocols
  2. adopt as URL standard reference for Webmention

Socialwg/2016-11-17-minutes F2F @ MIT

  1. aaronpk's proposal as documented at the comment (and as copy/pasted above by sandro)
  2. We reject all pre-exisitng names before today, and we will pick from between WebSub, WebSubscribe, and WebFollow barring any new better names
  3. add aaronpk as a co-editor for PubSubHubbub / PubSub / whatever we name it

Socialwg/2016-11-18-minutes F2F @ MIT

  1. resolve LDN issue 55 with rhiaro's suggested text in
  2. Resolve issue #354 of Activity Streams with a SHOULD that points out the importance of explicitly marking up language of natural language properties if you know the language, and use such markup for some examples, and points out that it's not in every example because we want to avoid the copypaste EN everywhere thing
  3. create the Social Web Incubator Community Group (SWICG) with description and participation as noted with aaronpk and cwebber as co-chairs
  4. Rename PubSubHubbub to WebSub, and move the shortname pubsub to websub
  5. request 6 month extension to take our drafts to REC, with plans already to take Micropub to PR in January, LDN &amp; AS2 &amp; ActivityPub to PR in February, WebSub (formerly PubSub) to PR in April; no f2f meetings expected, monthly telcons.


  1. publish new working draft of Websub based on editor's draft of Nov 22 with a changelog


  1. Publish new CR of AS2, giving people another 24 hours to review, pending no objections
  2. We consider the 12 AS2 terms used by WebAnnotations to be stable and will not substantively change their definitions from those in our 06 September 2016 CR. We expect to go to PR in Jan 2017 and see no likely impediments, given our plan to drop any vocabulary terms lacking 2 impls. We currently lack 2 impls of as:startIndex, but assume Anno can provide them.
  3. Add note to spec about the naming of rel='self', and do not change to use rel=canonical at all re
  4. resolve saying we're going to consistently use the
  5. Publish a new WD of WebSub including the resolutions from today's call


  1. Confirm last week's decision to publish AS2 as a new Candidate Recommendation, now that we have a proper changelog for AS2 Vocabs


  1. the new telcon time is the time of this call
  2. our next telcon will be March 14th 11am Eastern time
  3. telcon on feb 28th at 11am eastern
  4. We will retain, unchanged, in AS2 everything for which we get 2+ implementations reports (possibly setting the bar at 2+ producers and 2+consumers)
  5. publish a new CR of LDN with editorial changes assuming it does not restart the CR clock
  6. extend Feb 28th telcon to 2 hours


  1. Move MicroPub to PR, pending an implementation of query for a single property (from someone other than Aaron)
  2. publish a new working draft of Post Type Discovery based on current editor's draft
  3. close issue #13 of Post Type Discovery as resolved since text was added to the document
  4. drop ask-risk terms, isContact, isFollowedBy, isFollowing, isMember from AS2
  5. Take ActivityStreams to PR with edits made in this meeting (dropping Is* terms per on the basis that each term is used by 2+ implementations.


  1. schedule telecons for 2017-03-28 and 2017-04-11
  2. No further F2Fs for WG; any future F2Fs under umbrella of CG
  3. request transition of LDN to PR with editorial updates
  4. Request Micropub -&gt; PR when new complete test suite is reported passed by impls from editor, shpub, micropublish, and no one else reports problems
  5. request that W3C Social Business Community Group be closed with a message inviting anyone there to join the W3C Social Web Community Group


  1. add example of using different rel=self based on Accept header to close + add normative text that shows that the rel=self URL has ony a single representation
  2. add language to make it explicit that 307/308 are supported and that we hence support hub-redirects
  3. at any time, two editors of WebSub may publish a new working draft if they agree to do so


  1. Resolve AS2 issues 413 414 with sounds like good extensions, but not core spec. Suggest joining SWICG. Edit ns document to link to SWICG. Similar small &quot;Note:&quot; in AS2 in the same place it refers to extensions and the ns doc.
  2. Resolution of issue 89:
  3. Resolve AP issues 180 182 per consensus as discussed above.
  4. Publish updated AP CR draft with editorial fixes
  5. Next telcon 2017-04-25


  1. Accept rhiaro's edit to close
  2. close issue 189 by adding text from
  3. close by adding properties with names from OAuth2 spec and revising current oauthClientAuthorize property name
  4. close issue 198 by including text from


  1. will hold meetings on may 2nd and may 9th
  2. publish an update to Social Web Protocol with current draft


  1. close issue with proposed text including &quot;MUST&quot; with explanatory note for exceptions
  2. new CR for ActivityPub with changes and changes to issue 219 and vector graphics


  1. we'll keep meeting weekly as long as there's work to do on CR-&gt;PR on websub / AP
  2. Extend for 6 months to incorporate increased developer feedback


  1. publish new CR for WebSub based changes listed at


  1. PENDING CONFIRMATION BY EVAN and TANTEK: switch telecon time back to old time, two hours later than this
  2. Adopt the optional HTTP 410 Gone behavior in WebSub, if Director says we can do it without restarting CR clock
  3. Approve publication of new WD of social-web-protocols any time there's a status change of any of our other documents


  1. Publish new jf2 WD including changes requested to fix content-type and add an appendix for the IANA registration of the application/jf2+json content-type