This document lists the terms used for the ActivityStreams 2.0 protocol and its stable extensions, and provides a namespace so each term has an HTTP IRI.

Status of This Document

This document is merely a W3C-internal document. It has no official standing of any kind and does not represent consensus of the W3C Membership.

1. 1. Introduction

This document describes the vocabulary terms used in the [ActivityStreams] protocol along with the default JSON-LD Context.

This document makes use of the following namespaces:


2. Class definitions

The following are class definitions in the as namespace. They link to their descriptions in the [ActivityStreamsVocab] spec.



3. Property definitions

The following are property definitions in the as namespace. They are listed with their datatype in brackets if applicable, and link to their descriptions in the AS2 Vocabulary spec.

4. Extensions

This namespaced may be used by extensions to AS2 which are considered stable. The extensions must document their terms in a spec-like way at a persistent URL. Approval of extensions will be by the Social Web WG until it closes, and after that by the Social Web Incubator Community Group. Process and criteria for extensions approval is being finalised and will be described or linked to here in due course.

4.1 ActivityPub

All terms in this section are described in the [ActivityPub] specification.

A. References

A.1 Normative references

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