Policy regarding Non-Disclosure Agreements and W3C meetings

Status of this document: This policy was enacted on 14 June 2004, following approval by the W3C Advisory Committee and the W3C Advisory Board, and is in effect since 17 June 2004.

W3C meetings focus exclusively on the business of W3C's work programs. As such, W3C meetings are governed by W3C policies, procedures, and process. Therefore, W3C workshops, Technical Plenary meetings, Group meetings and other W3C-sanctioned events shall not be conducted on the premises of organizations that request W3C meeting participants to sign non-disclosure agreements in order to gain access to the host's facilities.

Any proposal to host a W3C meeting shall be accompanied by information regarding the facility, meeting participation, and other conditions associated with meeting hosting and participation. The Team shall determine, after discussion with the meeting Chair and prospective host, whether the offer can be accepted by W3C.