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beta site 2023

After almost four months in Beta during which we received constructive feedback, we are now ready to deploy the new W3C website starting Tuesday 20 June at 12:00 UTC.

Please make sure to check our “Site status” if you experience incidents. We expect some interruption for the duration of the deployment which will be done in one go and may take an hour or more.

We will send a public announcement when done.

There is more to do, since the scope of the redesign was limited to most of our public pages, but we will gradually work to include the rest of the site, starting with Chinese and Japanese localized sites.

We will invite on GitHub any feedback on website or content issues.

More information on the W3C Website redesign:

The goals of the redesign were to achieve a cleaner and modern look and greater usability, better accessibility, as well as ultimately simplifying how the site is managed. We also want to offer integrated Japanese and Chinese versions.

For several years, W3C has worked in close partnership with Studio 24 to redesign our website. This is, as many in our community know, an enormous undertaking and one which has been of great importance to us. You can read more from Studio 24’s blog post about our collaboration and process.

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