Upcoming Distributed, Online Workshops: W3C/OGC Joint Workshop Series on Maps for the Web

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Maps of Montreal, past, present, and future.

W3C announced today the W3C/OGC Joint Workshop Series on Maps for the Web, in September & October, 2020. The event is hosted by Natural Resources Canada.

The workshop will be online only, spread out over a month of video presentations and asynchronous discussion. Attendance is free for all invited participants and is open to the public, whether or not W3C members.

This workshop series brings together experts in geographic standards and Web map data services, Web mapping client tools and applications, and Web platform standards and browser development, to explore the potential of maps for the Web.

Expected topics of discussion include:

  • Adding a native map viewer for the Web platform, similar to how HTML <video> was added for video content;
  • Standardizing how a browser-based map viewer fetches data from map services and how that data should be formatted;
  • Creating accessible Web map experiences that adapt to the different ways people interact with the Web;
  • Creating truly global Web map experiences that work with different languages and cartographic practices;
  • Limiting privacy and security impacts of a more geo-enhanced Web.

For more information on the workshop, please see details and submission instructions. Expression of Interest and position statements are due by 30 June 2020 and registration applications accepted until 31 August 2020.

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