W3C Workshop Report: Web Games

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Some workshop participants exchange on discoverability & monetization during a breakout session at the W3C Workshop on Web Games

W3C is pleased to announce a report from the W3C Workshop on Web Games held in late June 2019, in Redmond, WA, USA.

The workshop convened about 100 participants representing browser vendors, game engines developers, games developers, game distributors, and device manufacturers. Together, they discussed the future of Web technologies for games. The report collects highlights from the individual sessions, with links to the presentation slides, and presents next steps envisioned by workshop participants. Video recordings of the talks are available and linked from the workshop agenda.

Workshop participants singled out better support for threading for 3D rendering and advanced audio processing as a core need to run AAA content on the Web. They also discussed proposals to improve support for cloud gaming scenarios, including proposals to reduce I/O latency and improve communication in real-time between clients and servers. Technical updates that would benefit the Web games ecosystem as a whole were identified and the workshop proved very useful to run broader discussions on discoverability, monetization, hosted Web runtimes and accessibility. These discussions may warrant the creation of a games activity at W3C to coordinate inputs from the games community, pursue broader discussions, and track progress on needs identified during the workshop.

We thank Microsoft for hosting, Facebook Gaming for sponsoring, the Program Committee for organizing the event, and all participants for their contributions.

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