W3C Invites Implementations of Publication Manifest and Audiobooks

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The Publishing Working Group has just published a Candidate Recommendation for two documents, namely:

  • Publication Manifest - This specification defines a general manifest format for expressing information about a digital publication. It uses schema.org metadata augmented to include various structural properties about publications, serialized in JSON-LD, to enable interoperability between publishing formats while accommodating variances in the information that needs to be expressed.
  • Audiobooks - This specification describes the requirements for the creation of audiobooks, using a profile of the Publication Manifest specification.

The Group has also published an accompanying Working Group Note of Lightweight Packaging Format (LPF). This specification defines a file format and processing model for packaging into a single-file container the set of related resources and associated metadata that comprise a digital publication.

Candidate Recommendation means that the Working Group considers the technical design to be complete, and is seeking implementation feedback on the documents. The group is keen to get comments and implementation experiences on these specifications as issues raised in the the documents’ respective GitHub repositories (see the document headers for the exact references).

The group expects to satisfy the implementation goals (i.e., at least two, independent implementations for each of the test cases) by 31 March 2020.

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