First Public Working Drafts: Web Publications, Packaged Web Publications, and Web Annotation Extensions for Web Publications

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The W3C Publishing Working Group has published three First Public Working Drafts today.
  • The Web Publications defines a collection of information that describes the structure of Web Publications such that user agents can provide user experiences well-suited to reading publications, such as sequential navigation and offline reading. This information set includes the default reading order, a list of resources, and publication-wide metadata.
  • The Packaged Web Publications defines a packaging format for combining the resources of a Web Publication [wpub] into a single portable file.
  • The Web Annotation Extensions for Web Publications extends the foundational model that has been developed in the Web Annotation Model Recommendation by adding selector types applicable to collective resources and a new model component for describing positions in text and byte streams.
The Working Group welcomes comments via the GitHub repository issues (see the respective documents’ headers for the reference of the repositories).

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