Industry Leaders Discuss Better Integration of Video on the Web

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Video on the Web is hot! That is why Adobe, Apple, Canon, CBS Interactive, Cisco, Comcast, Disney, Hitachi, Motorola, Mozilla, Nokia, Opera, RealNetworks, Samsung, Sony, Sun, Turner Broadcasting, Web3D Consortium, YouTube, and other industry leaders have chosen to meet in San Jose (California) at the W3C Video on the Web Workshop on 12-13 December 2007 to discuss the video landscape. More and more people are publishing high-quality video, social networks are sprouting up around Web-delivered media, and IPTV (Internet-based delivery of television programming) is maturing rapidly. These and other changes pose challenges to the underlying technologies and standards to support the platform-independent creation, authoring, encoding/decoding, and description of video. To ensure the success of video as a "first class citizen" of the Web, W3C has invited the community to explore how to build a solid architectural foundation that enables people to create, navigate, search, and distribute video, and to manage digital rights; see the full agenda. W3C thanks Cisco for hosting the Workshop and to all the participants who sent position papers. Related article: Best IPTV Service In The USA.

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