Board of Directors

The W3C Board of Directors —first seated in September 2022— is the governing body of the World Wide Web Consortium public-interest non-profit organization. The Directors have ultimate authority on W3C's strategic direction, have a legal obligation to ensure that W3C implements its mission to lead the Web to its full potential, and have fiduciary responsibility over W3C as a whole.

Directors are:

  • David Singer, Chair (M)
  • Robin Berjon (M)
  • Gonzalo Camarillo (B)
  • Dominique Hazaël-Massieux (P)
  • Chunming Hu (P)
  • Koichi Moriyama (M)
  • Jun Murai (P)
  • Mark Nottingham (M)
  • Eric Siow (M)
  • Léonie Watson (M)
  • Hongru (Judy) Zhu (M)

Non-voting Board meeting participants include:

The W3C Inc bylaws define three classes of Directors:

  • Member-elected (M): All Member-elected Directors were elected by the W3C Membership in September 2022 to two-year terms.
  • Partner-selected (P): These Director were elected by their respective Hosts/Partners to one-year terms during the term of their electing Partner's Partnership.
  • Board-elected (B): The Board may elect up to two additional Directors for two-year terms. Director Camarillo was elected in November 2022.


  • President: Seth Dobbs
  • Secretary: Mark Nottingham
  • Treasurer: Gonzalo Camarillo

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