"Moving the Web and Automotive Forward"


W3C Project & Strategy Lead Philippe Le Hégaret will give a talk "Moving the Web and Automotive Forward" at the COVESA "All Member Meeting"

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Eastern Daylight Time
Coordinated Universal Time
Troy, Michigan, USA
Philippe Le Hégaret

Philippe Le Hégaret, W3C Project and Strategy Lead, will give a talk "Moving the Web and Automotive Forward" (slides).

The vision of W3C is to provide a consistent architecture across the rapid pace of progress in the Web, while continuing to expand the Web's scope and reach. Over the years, the Web has integrated several industries, including mobile and media, and continues to do so, such as immersive experiences and Internet of Things. With the deployment of connected vehicles, it becomes increasingly important to leverage the Web platform in the automotive industry and take advantage of an architecture used all around the world.