Secret Revealed: How to be Successful, with Accessibility


Secret Revealed: How to be Successful, with Accessibility

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Coordinated Universal Time
Austin, TX, USA
Shawn Henry

This session is for you if:

* you want to expand your business, your experience, or your resume; OR

* you are not yet on the accessibility bandwagon, or even are against accessibility requirements; OR

* you believe in accessibility, but are having trouble getting your boss and/or clients to support it

(no matter what your accessibility experience, from new to accessibility to accessibility expert – no matter what your technical level)!

Forget about checklists.* Put away the standards and guidelines.* Focusing on accessibility regulations won't win you many friends or fame. In this session you'll learn what can bring you friends and fame, along with success and satisfaction. Get the secret to making your website and other products work well for older users, people with disabilities, mobile users, and more. grab those aging baby boomers by their iPhones

If you answer yes to any of these questions, you should come to this session:

  • Do you believe in accessibility but are having trouble getting your boss/clients to support it?
  • Do you think accessibility is a waste of your time and effort? Or, at least not something that you want to work on?
  • Do you want to WOW your current or potential future boss/clients and stand out from the crowd?

This session challenges the way most people think about accessibility. We'll turn the tables on the technical aspects and take a good look at the human aspects -- and how to use this to advance your business. We'll provide specific guidance on using new resources to improve your organization's accessibility approach and future outlook. You'll get a clear plan and specific tips on how to conduct a buy-in session that will make your life better. (really, it will make your life better) Come away with a fresh approach to design and development of products that work for people, and make you shine.

* (for a while. we'll show when to come back to them later).