Making the Web Accessible to All


Making the Web Accessible to All

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Coordinated Universal Time
Albany, NY, USA
Shawn Henry

It is vital that the Web is accessible given its increasingly key role in education, employment, government, commerce, health care, recreation, and more. Accessibility means that people with disabilities can use the Web, and accessibility also makes websites more usable to older people with changing abilities due to aging, people with low bandwidth connections and older technologies, and people using mobile devices and new technologies.

This presentation discusses the current state of web accessibility and explores how we can each play a role in ensuring that the future Web enables greater participation in society instead of creating additional barriers. We'll look at responsibilities in several areas, including: higher education - from incorporating web standards and accessibility in curriculum, to providing effective technical systems to support education for all, to researching solutions to improve the future of the Web; government; and industry, along with the opportunities for positive return on investment (ROI) in accessibility efforts.

Through real-world examples, Shawn will demo specific accessibility barriers and solutions, provide an update on Web accessibility standards and regulations, and provide resources for more information. Come learn how to make your website more usable to more people in more situations.