Web Authentication bi-weekly Past Confirmed




  1. PWG Update (John B.)
  2. Discussion on F2F at TPAC (TPAC 2023)
  3. Discussion with the WebPayments WG
    1. Register SPC-related WebAuthn extensions in IANA registry
    2. Any news on WebAuthn L3 worth mentioning to Payments folks?
    3. Impact of passkeys on SPC (formerly synced credentials)
  4. L3 WD01 open pull requests and open issues
    1. L3-WD-01 milestone
      1. Recommend duration of challenge validity by emlun
      2. Improve guidance around using UV by emlun
    2. no milestone
      1. Add a hints element for both create and get. by agl
      2. Add userDisplayName and vendorDisplayName to credProps by emlun
      3. Mark all JSON fields as required. by agl
    3. L3-WD-01 Issues
    4. Other Issues

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