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Pacific Daylight Time
Junior CD - North Tower 3rd Floor
Privacy Community Group ( View calendar)
Amandeep Aggarwal, Aloïs Bissuel, Aykut Bulut, Helen Cho, Risako Hamano, Jonathan Hao, Dongwoo Joshua Im, Richa Jain, Camille Lamy, Chris Lemmons, Yifan Luo, Maria Mandlis, Graham Mudd, Kitior Ngu, Jonathan Njeunje, Mark Nottingham, Vincent Scheib, Kyra Seevers, Elias Selman, Arthur SONZOGNI
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TPAC 2022 (Calendar)



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Privacy CG @ TPAC 2022


The Privacy CG will meet at 13:30-15:30 local Vancouver time (America/Vancouver, PDT, UTC-7).

This will be a hybrid in-person and remote meeting for W3C TPAC 2022. Remote access details are available to members through the TPAC calendar.

The W3C maintain a TPAC 2022 page with details for registration, schedule, and other important information about participation in TPAC.

Note that remote participation requires registration, which includes a EUR 240 fee, though the W3C offers a fee waiver for those who might find a fee to be a barrier to participation.

W3C Privacy CG Calendar


  • Setup, Welcome, Code of Conduct (chairs; 10m)
  • FedID CG Coordination (Heather Flanagan: 30m)
    • Updates on FedCM work
    • Discussion of privacy-related topics
    • Decision tree flows
  • Overview of group, brief status of open work items and proposals (chairs; 20m)
  • Storage Access (Johann; 40m)
    • Status
    • Readiness for graduation
    • Remaining open issues
  • CHIPS (Dylan ?; 30m)
    • Status
    • Readiness for graduation
    • Remaining open issues
  • Spare (10m)

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