Registration for TPAC 2022

This year, the meeting will be hybrid with the main in-person hub in Vancouver, Canada, and remote event attendees.

Questions about accessibility requirements will be found at the end of this form, as well as information and questions about meals, accessibility, vaccine status and travel requirements for an in-person participation.

Important note: A W3C Account is required to register for this event.

Fees and Payment

The below fee rates enable participation for the entire week’s events. There is no per-day rate for TPAC 2022.

The Early Bird rate is limited to the 4 first persons of a same organization.

In person participation:

Remote participation:

Payments will be received by our European Host, ERCIM. Our payment provider is Stripe (terms and conditions, privacy policy).

Dates and schedule

TPAC 2022 will take place from 2022-09-12 till 2022-09-16 in Vancouver, Canada.

Please check the full schedule.

Meeting 2022-09-12 2022-09-13 2022-09-14 2022-09-15 2022-09-16
Accessibility Guidelines WG
Accessible Platform Architectures WG
Accessible Rich Internet Applications WG
Anti-Fraud CG
Audio WG
Audiovisual Media Formats for Browsers CG
Browser Testing and Tools WG
Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) WG including Joint meeting with Accessible Platform Architectures WG
Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) Working Group including Joint meeting with Internationalization Working Group
COGA TF including Joint meeting with Accessible Platform Architectures WG and Accessibility Guidelines WG
Decentralized Identifier WG
Devices and Sensors WG
Digital Publishing Salon
Federated Identity CG
Immersive Web WG
Improving Web Advertising BG
Information Architecture CG
Internationalization WG
JSON-LD WG and JSON for Linking Data CG
Maps for HTML CG
Math WG
Media and Entertainment IG
Media WG
Music Notation CG - Online meeting only
Notation 3 CG
ODRL CG - Online meeting only
ODRL CG and Data Privacy Vocabularies and Controls CG - Joint Meeting - Online meeting only
Performing Arts Information Representation CG - Online meeting only
Privacy CG
Privacy IG
Private Advertising Technology CG
RDF Canonicalization and Hashing WG and Verifiable Credentials WG - Joint meeting
RDF-star WG
Second Screen WG
Semantic Industries CG
Solid CG - Online meeting only
Technical architecture group
Timed Text WG
Timed Text WG and Media WG
Verifiable Credentials WG
Voice Interaction CG
Web & Networks IG
Web Application Security WG
Web Applications WG
Web Authentication WG
Web Editing WG
Web Fonts WG
Web Incubator CG
Web of Things CG - Online meeting only
Web of Things WG & IG
Web Payment Security IG
Web Payments WG
Web Payments WG and Web Authentication WG and Web Payment Security IG and Anti-Fraud CG - Joint meeting
Web Performance WG
Web Real-Time Communications WG
Web Real-Time Communications WG and Media WG and Media and Entertainment IG - Joint meeting
Web Thing Protocol CG
WebExtensions CG
WebTransport WG
WebView CG

Who has Registered

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