Web Payments Working Group and Web Authentication Working Group and Web Payment Security Interest Group and Antifraud Community Group - Joint meeting
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Pacific Daylight Time
Junior CD - North Tower 3rd floor
Anti-Fraud Community Group ( View calendar)
Web Authentication Working Group ( View calendar)
Web Payment Security Interest Group ( View calendar)
Web Payments Working Group ( View calendar)
Vanitha Balusamy, Arnaud Blanchard, Joni Brennan, Karl Carter, Peter Cselenko, Jonathan Hao, Dean Jordaan, Erik Lagerway, Chris Lemmons, Xu Lin, Vinoth Madhavan, JAYADEVI NATARAJAN, Jonathan Njeunje, Hiroshi Ota, Solaiyappan Perichiappan, Jason Polakis, Cody Salas, Nakjo Shishkov, Petra Silsbee, Rufus T, Satoru Takagi, Haribalu V, Yan Zhang, Brent Zundel
Big meeting:
TPAC 2022 (Calendar)

Break: 15:00-15:30

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