Meeting facilitation training


Understand the role of meeting facilitator, and take action to run better meetings.

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Coordinated Universal Time
online (part 1), hybrid (part 2) as part of TPAC 2023
Wendy Reid, Rakuten Group, Inc., co-chair of the Positive Work Environment (PWE) Community Group


This two-part training begins with a standalone 30-minute captioned recorded session which you can take at your leisure, and culminates in one or more live 60-minute sessions the first one of which will be held as a TPAC 2023 breakout.

Training, part 1

This training session is for chairs, meeting facilitators, and people interested in potentially taking on those roles within W3C. In this session, we’ll cover the basics of effective meeting facilitation, fostering debate and discussion, managing conflict, and running safe meetings. Within these topics, we’ll be covering the chair’s role in regards to the W3C Code of Conduct, how to handle situations, and how to set up groups.

Watch / listen at your pace and convenience to the 30-minute pre-recorded session that will be followed by several live hybrid sessions.

Training part 1: 30-minute captioned recorded session to understand the role of meeting facilitator, and take action to run better meetings (including managing conflict, and running safe meetings).

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Training part 2

As a follow-up to the first part of "meeting facilitation training" (online video), this session will be initially an in-person and remote discussion held as part of a TPAC 2023 breakout and will cover any questions from part 1, be a collaborative session about tip and tricks participants can use to make running meetings easier, and address how to handle difficult discussions or situations as a chair or meeting facilitator.

Participants in this session will be expected to have watched the first part of this training in advance of the session.

This session is open to all meeting facilitators (chairs, task force leads, or aspiring to be).

Due to the nature of topics that might come up during the meeting, we will not be minuting the part of the session on difficult conversations, but will minute the tips and tricks discussion.

Follow-up sessions

There are two follow-up sessions planned: