Fellows program

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The W3C Team consists of the W3C paid staff and W3C Fellows.

If you would like to join the Team, and your employer is a W3C Member that can pay your salary while you work for W3C, please apply to become a W3C Fellow.

You can make a world of difference. Fellows have access to Team communications, are full-fledged W3C Team members, and are given responsibilities that are important to the success of the Consortium.

Qualifications and Commitment


Individuals must be employees of one of W3C's Member organizations.

Expected Duration

Fellows should expect to commit to W3C about 80% of their time for a typical period of 18-24 months, but may commit more, or less.


Fellows may work close to where W3C staff members are located, as an important part of contributing to and benefiting from Team culture. But they may work remotely too.


As with the W3C paid staff, W3C Fellows must possess insight, tact, technical understanding, and the ability to follow things through. W3C Fellows must be able to speak English effectively and write English fluently.


Fellows or their sponsors are responsible for their own salary, benefits, relocation costs, and living expenses. Some sponsors pay work-related travel expenses. W3C may provide work-related travel expenses, and desktop or laptop computers, depending on circumstances.

How to Proceed

  1. Confirm that your employer is a W3C Member and that your organization will provide you with financial support.
  2. Read About W3C to find out if your goals match those of W3C.
  3. Discuss your plan with your W3C Advisory Committee representative.
  4. Make a proposal to the W3C Manager most closely associated with your interest.

If your organization is not a W3C Member

If your employer is not currently a W3C Member, your organization may wish to join W3C.

If becoming a Member organization is not a possibility at this time but your organization can provide you with financial support, you may write to W3C to express your interest as participation may be possible outside the Fellows program.

The value of W3C Membership Find ways to get involved

Current W3C Fellows

  • Pierre-Antoine Champin (Inria)

Past W3C Fellows

W3C would like to thank the current W3C Fellows, as well as the past Fellows (in alphabetical order) and the Members who supported them.

  • Jean-François Abramatic, Inria
  • José Manuel Alonso, Fundación CTIC
  • Katsutoshi Asaki, Hitachi
  • Art Barstow, HP
  • David Booth, HP
  • Dan Brickley, ILRT, University of Bristol
  • Eui-Suk Chung, Ericsson
  • Eric Eggert, Knowbility, Inc.
  • Pierre Fillault, Aerospatiale
  • Yoshio Fukushige, Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd. (Panasonic)
  • Jim Gettys, Digital/Compaq
  • Harry Halpin, University of Edinburgh
  • Vincent Hardy, Sun Microsystems
  • Sandro Hawke, HawkeWorks LLC
  • Ivan Herman, CWI
  • Johan Hjelm, Ericsson
  • Thilo Horstmann, GMD
  • Thomas Hubbard, Nokia
  • Dean Jackson, CSIRO Australia
  • Ryoichi Kawada, KDDI
  • Youichirou Koga, NEC Corporation
  • Yuichi Koike, NEC Corporation
  • Marja-Riitta Koivunen, HPY, Elisa Communications
  • Tobie Langel, Facebook
  • Ora Lassila, Nokia
  • Tanya Mandal, Internet Academy
  • Shin'ichi Matsui, Panasonic
  • Chris Mills, Opera
  • Hidetaka Ohto, Panasonic
  • Emmanuel Pietriga, INRIA
  • Dave Raggett (Canon, HP, Openwave, Volantis, JustSystems)
  • Felix Sasaki, DFKI
  • Nobuhisa Shiraishi, NEC Corporation
  • Keiji Takeda,Keio University
  • Hiroshi Tsuda, Fujitsu Limited
  • Hitoshi Uchida, Canon
  • Hiromi Wada, Panasonic
  • Wu Wei, RITT
  • John Wilbanks, Interoperable Informatics Infrastructure Consortium (I3C)
  • Hiroki Yamada, Internet Academy