Two Notes Published by Spatial Data on the Web WG

The Spatial Data on the Web WG, a collaboration between W3C and the OGC, has today published two documents. The Use Cases & Requirements document is believed to be complete and underpins the WG’s considerable scope, motivating 3 standards in addition to today’s other publication, the Spatial Data on the Web Best Practices. The latter has been rewritten substantially to build expressly on the more general Data on the Web Best Practices, currently in CR. The aim is to provide guidance that bridges the gap between the practices and mindsets in the two communities so that the Web is better able to make sense of location and geospatial systems are better able to benefit from non-spatial data on the Web. A good example of this can be seen in yesterday’s announcement by Ireland’s mapping agency that their geospatial information is now available as Linked Data.

Driven largely by geospatial specialists, the Spatial Data on the Web WG is particularly keen to receive feedback from non-geo specialists in the Web community.