Upcoming Workshop: Privacy and User–Centric Controls

Today the W3C announced a Workshop on Privacy and User–Centric Controls, on 20–21 November 2014, Berlin, Germany to investigate strategies toward better privacy protection on the Web, especially for mobile devices.

The Workshop focus will be on users: user experience, user behavior and how we can offer controls that provide the necessary transparency of privacy-affecting interactions. We will also discuss how developers can meet users’ privacy needs on the Web, including what APIs are necessary for user privacy.

Sample Workshop topics include (but are not limited to):

  • Improving the UI for stateful services, overview of states
  • Defaults for expiration of stateful situations
  • How to convey state information to the User
  • How to deal with logging and how to provide interfaces for logged data
  • Requirements for private browsing on mobile
  • A privacy ontology for mobile apps and their use of personal data
  • The value of privacy in paradigms for mobile UI
  • Selective release of personal information to apps
  • Controlling the geo-location interfaces, including UI challenges
  • Enforcing data expiry

W3C membership is not required to participate. There is no cost to participate and the event is open to all. All participants are required to submit a position paper or statement of interest by 10 October 2014. Learn more how to participate.