Publishing WG Telco, 2019-08-19: Publication approval, some change of manifest structure, alternate resources

See minutes online for a more detailed record of the discussions.

Publication decisions

The WG agreed to publish a FPWD for the Publication Manifest as well as a new version of the Audiobook spec

Manifest structure

The WG discussed some changes on the way manifests are defined in the spec

  • The spec makes it clear that the manifest is using a specific “shape” of JSON-LD for the spec (which is also expressed in a JSON Schema) and Reading Systems are not required to have a full JSON-LD implementations
  • The previous notions of “authored” and “canonical” manifests disappear; instead, the former “canonical manifest” is simply expressed as a data structure (defined in WebIDL) that is used by a processor. The document will contain a transformation algorithm to that data structure.

Alternative resource

The WG discussed the proposal whereby it is possible to add an “alternative” resource to a resource in, e.g., the reading order to represent, e.g., an audio file with a different bit rate, a sound file to a text, etc. The WG is, in principle, fine with this, but a PR should be produced to see the full detail.

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