Public W3C Questionnaire on RDF Evolution

As has been reported earlier, W3C held an “RDF Next Steps” workshop in June 2010 and has published the Report of the Workshop in early July. That workshop discussed the possibility of an RDF Working Group. The overall goal would be to extend RDF to include some of the features that the community has identified as both desirable and important for interoperability based on experience with the 2004 version of the standard, but without having a negative effect on existing deployment efforts.

The Workshop has listed a number of work items that might be of interest for such a Working Group, and has also conducted an informal poll as for the relative priority of those items (with links to the detailed description of the items themselves). As a next step, a public questionnaire has been created listing, essentially, those items (although some of them have been regrouped for a better readability). The goal of the questionnaire is to poll the Web community at large so that the upcoming charter would reflect the real needs for the years to come.

So… if you are interested in the evolution of RDF, here is the chance to make your opinion heard. All the results of the questionnaire will be public. The questionnaire will stay open until the 13th of September.

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