On the first day of the RDF Next Steps Workshop, we created a list of possible work items for a (hypothetical) new RDF Core Working Group. We included only items that had some supporters at the workshop, to argue on their behalf. On the second day, we discussed each of these items in breakouts and plenary session, and wrote up some details on a wiki page.

At the end of the second day, we did a quick show of hands about each item to see whether people thought a new WG charter should say the item must be done, should be done, may be done, or must not be done. Those numbers will be in the minutes and the final report, when they come out.

For now, I've produced this quick visualization of the numbers. I've merged "should" and "may" for simplicity, and sorted the items using these weights: must=3, should=2, may=1, must not=-3.

I gave new titles to each item, trying to make them more consistant and clear to people who were not at the workshop. Each one is a link to the actual workshop wiki page, where you can see the title used at the workshop, and the description, pros/cons, proposals, etc. Please don't assume my title for each work item captures its essense; follow the links.

-- Sandro Hawke, 6/28/2010

Proposed Work ItemWG must do itWG should/may do itWG must not do it
Standardize Model for Graph Identification      
Modify Semantics to Support Graph Identification      
Switch to Improved Inference Rules      
Apply Fixes to Known Spec Errors      
Standardize a JSON RDF Syntax      
Make Turtle a W3C Standard      
Add Graphs to Turtle      
Add Graphs to RDF/XML      
Revise Blank Node Semantics      
Specifiy Linked Data Style of RDF      
Weakly Deprecate some RDF/XML Features      
Define alternatives to owl:sameAs      
Weakly Deprecate some Data Model Feature      
Namespace Profiles      
Weakly Deprecate some RDF Semantics Features      
Have Explicit Support for Annotations      
Align RDF Semantics with SPARQL      
Improve rdf:List Support in RDF/XML      
Explain How to Determine What a URI Means      
Allow Literals as Subjects