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Greetings W3C friends. The TAG recently held a virtual face to face meeting and I'm writing to give you an update on our activities and some of the outputs of this meeting.

We updated the Ethical Web Principles with some additional text in the intro around harmful patterns. We also have made some adjustments to the text on sustainability.

We updated the Web Platform Design Principles with some new principles, for example use of DOMHighResTimeStamp, factory methods vs. constructors, and designing APIs on top of a hardware or device capability.

We added text to both the Security & Privacy Questionnaire and the Web Platform Design Principles covering the topic of "non-'fully active' documents". (Thanks to Rakina Zata Amni from Google for these contributions.)

The TAG also convened a task force on privacy on the web, with members of the Privacy Interest Group, that is currently working on a set of privacy principles. That task force is not yet ready to issue a working draft but work is progressing well.

The full minutes of our virtual face to face are also published in our meetings repo along with all agendas and minutes of our weekly teleconferences.

The TAG also closed many of our design review issues during our f2f week with several others closed in the weeks after. Some examples of issues closed during our f2f are:

We'd like to remind the community that our design review system is an open process and we'd like to encourage all W3C groups to take take advantage of it if they feel TAG feedback can be helpful. We have published a guide on how to work with the TAG.

If you have any questions please feel free to leave a comment here or get in touch on the W3C Community Slack (either directly or on the #tag channel).

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