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W3C's training activities have reached a significant milestone: one million enrollments in our MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) dedicated to front-end Web development! This achievement is particularly significant in that W3C's catalog is composed of six courses only.

In 2020, the pandemic has increased interest in online education and demand in programming skills. 30 years after its inception, the Web remains the key and most ubiquitous digital platform that enables communications, commerce, education, etc.

W3C accomplishes its mission by developing Web standards and ensuring their broadest adoption. Training people to learn Web technologies directly from W3C is a key enabler of that goal, which is why we created W3Cx with edX in 2015, and launched our first HTML5 course. It was an instant success with nearly 90K learners coming from literally all world countries.

All 6 W3Cx courses: HTML5&CSS Fundamentals, HTML5 Coding Essentials and Best Practices, HTML5 Apps and Games, CSS Basics, JavaScript Introduction and Introduction to Web Accessibility

Given this fantastic show of confidence, we decided to do more and created a package of courses for front-end Web developers. This program has courses with all entry levels: beginner, intermediate and expert. 
It delivers certificates of HTML5, CSS and JavaScript that people can showcase on their LinkedIn profile and/or their resume.

In W3Cx MOOCs, we make our learners practice, create and innovate while building fun projects.
 With the advent of machine learning, smart things and more, there is an unexplored world of future Web applications and usages to create and play with. 
As a woman in tech, I especially encourage women to embrace these Web skills, and I'm looking forward to seeing an increase in female participation in our courses!

So, why is it important to learn Web programming? Not only because it's enjoyable and approachable, but  because Front-End Web development is one of today's hottest jobs. Career prospects are numerous: front-end developer, Web app developer, Web designer, and many more. 
According to the US Bureau of Labor statistics, the job opportunities are expected to grow by almost 15% through 2028.

Launched early 2020, our latest course in an introduction to Web accessibility. It provides the foundation for making websites, apps, and other digital technology work well for people with disabilities, meet international standards and enhance the user experience for everyone.

Many thanks to the course teachers and my colleagues, with a special mention to Sir Tim Berners-Lee who was an early proponent of the project. And a big thank you to all our learners whether they are entering the job market, changing fields, seeking a promotion or explore new interests! As director of training, I am thrilled with the progress and impact that the W3Cx courses have had on so many people's lives.

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