W3C Strategic Highlights: Strengthening the Core of the Web (HTML)

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(This post is part of a series recapping the October 2018 W3C Strategic Highlights and does not include significant updates since that report.)

The Web Platform Working Group continues the development of the HTML language and provides specifications that enable improved client-side application development on the Web. The Push API and the Web App Manifest are moving to the Candidate Recommendation stage. IndexedDB API has started its version 3.0 with a few new features supported, e.g., an Observer API. The other WebApps specs, especially File API, Intersection Observer, and the Editing APIs are also making notable progress.

In the recent extension of the Web Platform Working Group, we noted that while the WHATWG and the W3C continue negotiations to provide a single authoritative specification for HTML and DOM, no joint work with the WHATWG would advance on the W3C Recommendation track; we believe that having two distinct HTML and DOM specs claiming to be normative is generally harmful for the community.

For more recent news, please see the Web Platform Working Group home page and all  specifications of the Web Platform Working Group.

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