W3C Strategic Highlights: Outreach to the world (W3C Training)

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W3C Training

(This post is part of a series recapping the October 2018 W3C Strategic Highlights and does not include significant updates since that report.)

In partnership with edX, W3C started a  MOOC training program in June 2015: W3Cx.

The W3Cx Front-End Web Developer program's visual, as a rounded badge.   w3cx logo

W3Cx offers a "Front-End Web Developer" (FEWD) professional certificate program which consists of a suite of five W3Cx courses on the three foundational languages that power the Web: HTML5, CSS and JavaScript.

Over 830K people from all over the world have followed one or more of these popular W3C MOOCs (ranging from beginner to advanced levels) to learn how to build Web sites using the latest W3C Web standards, and to gain skills in one of the fastest growing careers -- as demonstrated in this inspiring learner story.

By following best practices and playing with interactive examples, students are guided step by step on how to use all client-side Web development techniques to create and innovate on the Web: code modern HTML5 tags, draw and animate Web graphics, play audio&video elements, develop interactive Web apps and fun games, and much more.

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