Publishing WG Telco, 2019-10-14: PR handling, horizontal reviews

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See minutes online for a more detailed record of the discussions.

PR handling

  • There is a new PR for the audiobooks which added some minimal audiobook reading system behavior. The agreement was to merge this PR and possibly discuss it further as an editor's draft
  • There is also a new PR for the manifest which moves the WebIDL formalism into an informative annex, and reformulates the processing steps using the upcoming Infra standard. The PR is fairly large and it was agreed to merge this, too, with possibly further discussions.

Draconian handling of conformsTo values

The current editor's draft requires the existence of a conformsTo and it is considered to be a fatal error not to have it in the manifest with a specific profile reference. This was raised as an issue (Issue #101). The rough consensus was that we should not have such a draconian approach, and the editors will come up with a somewhat "milder" proposal (maybe along the lines of a larger proposal in the issue discussion).

Horizontal reviews

  • i18n review is closed
  • a11y review is almost done, there was only one pending question on synchronized media (whether it can be put on recommendation track).
  • PING review answer is pending, although there are no open issues

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