Publishing WG Telco, 2019-10-07: Base direction, metadata usage, webidl

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See minutes online for a more detailed record of the discussions.

Base direction

With the introduction of @direction into JSON-LD 1.1 it has become possible to properly add this i18n feature into the publication manifest. This was done via PR manifest#92. With some minor changes (related on how to communicate the dependency on JSON-LD 1.1) the WG accepted to merge this. With this, the i18n horizontal review has also been closed.


There was a discussion (see issue manifest#57) on what exactly the role and usage of metadata is, and how much of that should be visible in the publication manifest. The discussion was around how extensible the current structure is, how easy it is to either incorporate or refer to metadata vocabularies defined elsewhere. No change on the document is required but the WG should keep an eye on the way metadata registries may be handled in the new W3C process coming out in 2020.

Usage of WebIDL

(See also issue manifest#98.) There have been discussion elsewhere on whether WebIDL is the right approach to describe data structures for a spec like manifest. The Web App Manifest spec is moving away from this towards the usage of the "infra standard", that unifies the language used for processing steps and related data structures (although that does not replace the overall view of the structure that WebIDL provides). Infra will be adopted in the document to describe the processing steps; whether to use WebIDL or not remains open for now.

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