Publishing WG Telco, 2019-05-03: Update on the WPUB spec, audiobook, synced media and UCR docs

See minutes online for a more detailed record of the discussions.

Recent updates on the WPUB spec

Matt gave a short overview of the recent changes, which were mostly reacting on some TAG comments (reorganization of the WebIDL usage, remove ambiguities in addressing and in internationalization sections). A new version will be pushed onto /TR soon.

Audiobook FPWD

It was agreed on the F2F meeting to publish a FPWD for the audiobook specification. The question was whether the schema.org AudioObject is the right object type for the audio content; however, after discussions it turns out that there some minor differences that should be looked at first before deciding on using it (or not). It was agreed to publish the FPWD as is now and come back to this issue later.

The discussion on the role and usage of LinkedResource type also came up; it was decided to (re-)raise the issue with schema.org to see if it was possible to use an (updated) schema.org type at that place instead of a publishing-specific type.

Update on sync media

Marisa gave some updates on the fact that a number of question on synced media are now listed as specific issues, inviting for explicit discussions.

Update on the UCR document

Two specific use cases were discussed:

  • Escalating trust: the question was whether the corresponding use case should be kept in the list: many features are already done on the Web. On the other hand, this may not be exactly the same case for mobile apps. After discussions it was decided to keep the use case (although one of the scenarios might be misplaced here)
  • Resource mixing and CSS counters across HTML pages: describes a feature that is not possible in CSS today. In general, the problem with the use case is that it mixes a use case (continuous counters across a publication) and a possible implementation tool, i.e., CSS, and that isn’t the right way to go. On the other hand, it was agreed that the (reworded) use case should remain, even if it is not implementable on today’s Web.