Publishing WG Telco, 2019-03-25: Some use cases

See minutes online for a more detailed record of the discussions.

Implementations and UCR

Some entries from the UCR document were discussed to see what type of implementation issues it would raise and how it would work with the current draft:

  • UC #86: is about page numbers and how they are displayed/located. There were several implementation scenarii, but the current pagelist feature in the draft is present and the author/implementation can use it. It becomes more complicated if that list is not present, and implementations may decide to search the content for special triggers (e.g., role=doc-pagebreak). An issue should be opened to describe the behavior in more details.
  • UC #93: adjusting the contrasts if, for example, one is reading in the sun. This is closely related to CSS issues and behavior, and touches upon operating system features as well; it should not be a solely WPUB discussion (although WPUB brings this requirement to the fore)
  • UC #40: reading order. This is a basic feature on current reading system, but not necessarily on the Web. A best practice and minimal behavior should be described for this.


The group also closed a longstanding issue (Issue #376) which got to an agreement on the issue list itself.

There were also some F2F planning.