Publishing WG Telco, 2018-06-25: closing some PR-s, issues

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See minutes online for a more detailed record of the discussions.


The final decision is (see comment):

  1. ToC SHOULD be in entry page, and it does not need to be in the manifest in that case
  2. Otherwise, the ToC should be referenced as a "link" in the manifest (e.g., in resources)

Final term for external link

The decision is to use the term links.

Draft reorganization

Matt gave an overview of a radical reorganization of the WP draft; goal was to avoid unnecessary hopping from one section to the other. Essentially, the infoset items, and their representation in the manifest, have been merged in one section.

The group discussed the various items that must be discussed with problems where the vocabulary (or underlying tools) does not yet give an adequate set of features for the purposes of publications. An initial list has been provided on the wiki; this list was presented to the group and discussed on the call. Next step is to set up a meeting...

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