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The Publishing Working Group is pleased to announce the publication of three first public working drafts:

These are the first publications of the Publishing Working Group, and we welcome feedback.

Web Publication defines a collection of information that describes the structure of Web Publications such that user agents can provide user experiences well-suited to reading publications, such as sequential navigation and offline reading. This information set includes the default reading order, a list of resources, and publication-wide metadata. Packaged Web Publications defines a method for containing those publications for distribution, sharing, or archiving. Web Annotation Extensions for Web Publications provides an extension to the selector types in the existing Web Annotations Data Model for PWP.

We have published these documents with many open issues. We seek feedback from the community on several issues and we hope to see your comments in GitHub on the issues identified in the documents.

Web Publications

Visit the WP GitHub repo to review the open issues or file new ones. We are particularly interested in your comments on the following issues:

Packaged Web Publications

You can find PWP on GitHub as well at PWP GitHub Repo. This document is really just a skeleton specification at this point, and we are looking for input. The key decision, regarding which packaging format will be used, as addressed in an editor's note in the document, has not been made yet. Please offer your insights.

Web Annotation Extensions for Web Publications

This document relies on existing selection techniques, providing a common model and syntax defined by the Web Annotation Data Model. To avoid confusion, we have not reproduced the Web Annotations data model, simply referred to it. Please provide feedback about this extension at

In the coming weeks, we plan to add examples, prototypes, and implementations. If you would like to contribute, please comment in GitHub or contact the Publishing Working Group at

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