A short update on the web-platform-test project invitation

For those of you involved in the effort to build a cross-browser testsuite for the majority of the web platform, you are currently noticing that the project is moving to a new organization on GitHub. The move is intended to improve the management and handling of the WPT project on GitHub and Travis.

There is a myriad of services and repositories related to this project and the complex transition is happening precociously, lead by Philip J├Ągenstedt. This week, past collaborators and teams are invited to join the new GitHub organization to prevent breaking read/write access in the future. If you’re looking into continuing your contributions, you should accept the invitation to make it easier for you after the transition is over.

This transition does not change or impact the W3C relationship with the project. It has been and will continue to be a consensus-driven open-source project with a mission to improve the Web through testing.